Weekly Business Quiz # 168

Q 1. Which hosiery co owns the lingerie brand ‘ Wonderbra’ ?

Ans. Hanes

Q 2. The cricketer Anil Kumble’s firm TENVIC has the tag line ‘ To ENsure VICtory”. There is one more reason it is called TENVIC. What ?

Ans. Ten Wickets Kumble took in delhi test against Pakistan

Q 3. Which online portal has created a character called Sharman Bose, Master of dating gyaan ?

Ans. itimes.com

Q 4. Karan Johar is associated with coffee thru his TV show Koffee with Karan. Which brand of coffee has used Karan Johar ?

Ans. Nescafe Gold

Q5. What is unique about ‘Femme Productions’ ?

Ans. World’s first female owned , all female production house that makes adult films for females

Q6. Which country has the highest penetration of Internet on mobiles ?

Ans. Australia

Q 7. Why does Gutkha ban spell windfall for cosmetics maker Emami ?

Ans. Menthol is an essential ingredient , whose prices have fallen because of the ban.

Q8 .The FM inaugurates the Rajiv Gandhi Eq Savings scheme today. It gives addl tax benefits to New Retail investors. Who are they ?

Ans. New retail investors are those who have opened a new demat a/c or have not traded earlier

Q 9. Sai silks (kalamandir) ltd IPO is the first one with a safety net. What is a safety net as per SEBI guidelines ?

Ans. An option given by the issuer to the retail investors to buy back the shares upto a limit if the price falls below the IPO price within 6 months of issue

Q 10. What is the name of the virtual currency launched by Amazon to buy apps and other items in the Amazon AppStore ?

Ans.  Amazon coins

Q 11. Henry Mintzberg uses the phrase ‘plural sector’. What does plural sector mean ?

Ans. NGOs, communities and movements

Q 12. E-Commerce crossed 1 trillion $ for the first time in 2012 worldwide. US is no 1, which countries are # 2 Bd # 3 ?

Ans. China and UK

Q 13, What popular video game has been developed by Stockholm based Mojang AB which has sold 20mn copies worldwide ?

Ans. Minecraft

Q 14. Gross enrolment in higher education, the world average is 29 %, how much is India’s ?

Ans. 19%

Q 15. In ’12 Shahrukh Khan gave a lecture at Yale University. This year he will speak at Harvard University. What is the topic ?

Ans. Economics of film-making


– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/IndiaBusinessQuiz



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