Weekly Business Post # 167

Q 1. Feb 4 is Facebook’s birthday. How many years has it completed ?

Ans. Nine years

Q 2. Which brand has been named as India’s Buzziest brand byhttp://afaqs.com  an advertising industry web-site ?

Ans. Samsung

Q3. 30 software products firms in India have broken away from NASSCOM and formed an industry body. What is its name ?

Ans. iSpirt – Indian Software Products Industry Round Table

Q4. 2013 Super Bowl was held at New Orleans, the most watched TV show as well as the second highest in food consumption, next only to Tahnksgiving  Who gave it the name ?

Ans. Lamar Hunt, the NFL Chief

Q5,Which internet service is gaining popularity as the ” Instagram of 6 second videos” ?

Ans. Twitter Vine

Q6. Name the world’s strongest material, that is 300 times stronger than steel.

Ans. Graphene

Q7. For what deficiency in service was McDonalds asked to pay a compensation of Rs 15000 to Delhi resident Vimal Choudhary ?

Ans. serving non-veg burger instead of veg burger ordered

Q8. Which former banker, software honcho is behind the affordable housing co Value and Budget Housing Corp ?

Ans. Jaitirth or Jerry rao 

Q9. Dell to acquire Dell. Explain.

Ans. Michael Dell, the founder of Dell is taking the Dell Computers co private by acquiring public shareholding

Q 10. In which city has Durex launched a iphone app as well as a service by which condom is delivered discreetly by a person dressed like a pizza delivery boy ?

Ans. Dubai

Q 11. Which well known German auto major owns the luxury bus brand Scania ?

Ans. Volkswagen

Q 12. What is the new name of the co Research in Motion ?

Ans. Blackberry

Q 13. Which actor owns the production house Rajkamal Films International ?

Ans. Kamal Hassan

Q 14. Indian Captain MS Dhoni has been named as Vice President in which co recently ?

Ans. India Cements

Q 15. Which country known for its liquor is making laws that stipulate the minimum price to sell liquor so as to curb driniking ?

Ans. Scotland

Q16. Which co had created a comic character called Joe Camel which was banned in ’97 bcoz it was promoting smoking among children ?

Ans, R J Reyonolds

Q 17. With which IT co has Govt of India partnered to launched the eBIz Govt 2 Biz application in PPP mode ?

Ans. Infosys

Q 18. Who has acquired the audio and video business of Philips worldwide ?

Ans. Funai


– Compiled by G.Mohan Follow on Twitter @go_mohan and FB page http://www.facebook.com/IndiaBusinessQuiz


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