Weekly Business Quiz # 169

Q 1. Sachin Bansal of Flipkart says success in E-Commerce comes from taking care of 3 factors. Name them.

Ans. Service, selection and Price

Q 2. With BRIC unable to live upto its promise, investors are looking at MINT. Which 4 countries make up the MINT ?

Ans. Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey

Q 3. Switzerland has many watchmakers. Which group dominates the Swiss watch industry accounting for nearly a third of the industry ?

Ans, Swatch

Q 4. ‘Swiss made’ has become one of the world’s most valuable brands. For a watch to be labelled thus, what is the criterion ?

Ans. 50% by value should be manufactured in Switzerland

Q 5. After the success of the movie Life of Pi, the tourism ministry is promoting the regions where it was shot as Land of Pi. Which region ?

Ans. Puducherry and Munnar

Q 6. Named after the painter Andy Warhol, what does a unit of Warhol signify ?

Ans. World famous for 15 minutes

q7. Which co has run a campaign called ‘ do us a flavor’ to get ideas for new flavours from their customers ?

Ans. Frito Lays

Q8. The first page of Sunday Times of India today is an alarmist one on fire, it is infact an advt. Name the brand.

Ans. Fireguard from Eureka Forbes

Q9. Which co runs the helpline for unwanted pregnancy in the website http://www.i-canhelp.in  ?

Ans. Piramal Healthcare.

Q10. Why has Bangladesh govt decided to ban cartoon channels on TV in their country ?

Ans. because kids were learning Hindi and not Bangla 

Q11. Name this Tumblr challenger acquired by Twitter last year, which has decided to shut down from April 30, this year.

Ans. Posterous

Q12. Which IBM computer made famous by winning Jeopardy will be used as a prosthetic brain for doctors ?

Ans. Watson

Q 13. Which European city is called the electric car capital of the world ?

Ans. Oslo

Q14. What is unique about the REX range of smartphones launched by Samsung in India ?

Ans. First smartphone designed in India for the Indian market

Q15.Which Bollywood entertainment co started as a book library started by Shethia and Maroo families in Mumbai ?

Ans. Shemaroo entertainment

Q16. What are the three elements if ‘responsible investing’ philosophy, being followed by many PE investors of late ?

Ans. Ecology, Society and Governance

Q17. Wipro and Siemens are going to be dropped from Nifty soon. Which two cos will replace them ?

Ans. IndusInd Bank and NMDC

Q18. Which weekly magazine was founded by Henry Luce in 1923 ?

Ans. Time
Q 19. ____ is to India, what Coca Cola is to US. Name India’s no 1 FMCG brand in terms of sales value.
Ans. ParleG

Q20. The Economist brings out Big Mac Index to compare the exchange rates using Big Mac burger as a surrogate. What does it use for India ?

Ans. Maharaja Mac as Big Mac is not sold in India because of beef. Maharaja contains chicken

Q21. Besides being E-Commerce cos, what is common to the following Flipkart, yebhi, Myntra and Snapdeal ?

Ans. All are run by agrawal entrepreneurs, known for their business acumen

– Compiled by G.Mohan follow on twitter @go_mohan Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/IndiaBusinessQuiz

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