Weekly Business Quiz # 158

Q1. Which MNC pharma co is stirring up the insulin market with a pen called Allstar ?
Ans. Sanofi

Q2. Where did the FM Chidambaram inaugurate the second campus of Indian School of Business yesterday ?
Ans. Mohali

Q3. If IMAX is from Canada, Village Roads is from Australia from which country is Cinepolis ?
Ans. Mexico

Q4. Who is the new face of Revital after Yuvraj Singh ?
Ans. Salman Khan

Q5. In the context of men’s apparel connect peak, notch, shawl etc
Ans.Designs of coat lapels

Q6. Which Indian business group had planned to launch SHILTON chain of hotels and later abandoned it ?
Ans.  UB Group of Vijay Mallya

Q7. Which brand came up with the original digestive biscuit ?
Ans.  McVities

Q8. What new method of writing Internet address is now available in India ?

Q9. The first cola brand from Parles was not Thums Up. What was the name of the first cola launched by them in 1949 ?
Ans. Gluco Cola

Q 10. Parle G is the world’s largest selling biscuit by volume. In 1929, it was launched as a substitute for an imported brand. Name it.
Ans. Glaxo

–       Compiled by G.Mohan Folllow me on Twitter @go_mohan


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