Weekly Business Quiz # 157

Q1.In the context of Indian banking what is CTS 2010 standard ?

Ans. Cheque Truncation system For more on this read the link 

Q2. Which is the UK software acquisition for which HP has taken a writedown of 8.8 Bn $ this quarter ?

Ans. Autonomy For more on this read the link 

Q3. In men’s fashion what is ‘spezzato’?

Ans. Wearing contrasting jacket and trousers For more Read the Link 

Q4. Who will be taking over as the MD and CEO of National Stock Exchange from Ravi Narain next April ?

Ans.Chitra Ramakrishna

Q5. Name the movie on financial planning for youth produced by IDFC Foundation and directed by Amole Gupte .

Ans.One Idiot  For more read the link

Q6. What is the 3-6-3 life of a banker ?

Ans. Borrow at 3 %, lend at 6 % and be at golf course by 3PM

For more read the link

Q7. With which hot IT co that uses robots and algorithms to do work done by programmers would you associate Chetan Dube ?

Ans. IPSoft 

For more read the link

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan



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