Weekly Business Quiz # 155

Q 1Which US defence major will have a woman Marilyn Dewson as CEO ?

Ans. Lockheed martin

Q 2. What is the amount which Vikram Pandit will receive in 2012 from Citi ?

Ans. US $ 15 million

Q3. In the context of bond prices, what are clean and dirty prices ?

Ans. Dirty price includes accrued interest and clean does not

Q4. Connect the brands Maruti Astar, Xylys, Tata Motors, Omron to a celebrity.

Ans.Farhan Akhtar

Q5. What was the brand of Whisky which Diageo had in India before it decided to quit in 2002 ?

Ans. Gilbey’s Green Label

Q6. Connect the brands Li Ning, Flypower, Thwack and Victor to a sport

Ans. All are Badminton eqpt suppliers

Q7. Name the NYT blogger who has become a celebrity after getting his Obama reelection prediction bang on.

Ans. Nate Silver

Q8. Which MNC chain has launched Indian desserts like Coconut Rossogollas, Petal Gulab Jamuns , Motichoor for the season in India ?

Ans. Dunkin Donut

Q9. What is fiscal cliff ?

Ans. Fiscal cliff used to describe the conundrum that the U.S. govt will face end 2012 due to Budget Control Act 2011

Q 10. What are industrial show tunes ?

Ans. Songs and tunes created by the companies for their employees, suppliers etc. These are not ad jingles.

Q 11. Name this consulting firm that once advised Gadhafi and even employed Rahul Gandhi. The firm was promoted by Harvard Professors.

Ans. Monitor Consulting

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


Wishing all the readers a very happy and prosperous Diwali !



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