Weekly Business Quiz # 154

Q 1. Merger of Bertelsmann’s and Pearson’s publishing divisions will create a. Mega publisher. Name the two houses

Ans. Penguin and Random House

Q 2. What does “open book management” advocate ?

Ans. A philosophy where mgmt shares a lot of info particularly on finances with employees

Q3. Deepika Padukone : Sony Cybershot, Priyanka Chopra | Nikon, Anushka Sharma : which brand ?

Ans. Canon compact

Q 4. With which Indian cricketer would you associate SPORTSFIT ?

Ans. MS Dhoni

Q5. Who is acquiring the production co Lucas Works the co that made Star Wars ?

Ans. Walt Disney

Q6. Which Mumbai based co is behind Haldia Bulk Terminals that has decided to leave Bengal because of safety issues ?

Ans. ABG Shipyard

Q7. What will be the name of the company for the non-IT businesses of Wipro Ltd ?

Ans. Wipro Enterprises Ltd

–  Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



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