Weekly Business Quiz # 150

Q 1. Who is credited to have coined the term “animal spirits” in the context of economy ?

Ans. John Maynard Keynes

Q2. Who has acquired 65% stake in Gujarat Gas from British Gas

 Ans. Guj Govt PSU GSPL

Q3. What are the five new airports that have been given international status by Govt of India today ?

Ans. Lucknow,Varanasi, Mangalore, Tiruchi, Coimbatore

Q4. Which brand has created a Facebook app to have the world’s biggest ‘break’ on October 11 ?

Ans. Kitkat

Q5. Which tech co in US is headed by an African American woman Ursula Burns ?

Ans. Xerox

Q6. Which airline is the flag carrier of Abu Dhabi ?

Ans. Etihad airways

Q7. What kind of social network is Stockoy ?

Ans. A social network for the trading community

A special thanks to all the followers and visitors of this blog as the weekly business quiz completes 150 weeks.

–       Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle go_mohan


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