Weekly Business Quiz #146


Q 1. A clothing store in Vastrapur Ahmedabad that opened recently has sparked a controversy. Why ?
Ans.  It has been named Hitler
Q2. In airline business what is code sharing ?
Ans.  An arrangement by which airlines can reserve seats in each other’s flights
Q3. Name the pharma co that has launched a women’s cream called “18again”
Ans. Ultratech
Q4. Name the Russian billionaire who has instituted a prize for fundamental physics that has a prize money of 3 mn $.
Ans. Yuri Millner
Q5. Which Internet co has got the deal for conducting the 2 G spectrum auction recently ?
Ans.  Times Internet Ltd
Q6. Which website is India’s largest music service ? 
Q7. Which co prides itself as the world’s largest digital satellite linked cinema chain?
Ans. UFO Moviez
Q8. What unique feature has been provided in a Logitech keyboard ?
Ans. Washable keyboard
Q9. Who has acquired Bharti’s Centum learning division ?
Ans.  Everonn
Q 10. Name the Indian auto major which is working on car that runs on compressed air .
Ans. Tata Motors
Q 11. Which science writer is credited with introducing the much abused term “paradigm shift ” nearly 50 years ago ?
Ans. Thomas Kuhn
Q 12 As per Comscore what is the no 1 activity of Indian Internet users accounting for 1 in every 4 minutes ?
Ans. Social media
       Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

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