Weekly Business Quiz # 145

Q 1. Manna Dey, ______ artist was inscribed in the visiting card of the legendary singer. Fill in the brand name.

Ans. HMV

Q 2. Which Indian company is the world’s largest manufacturer of cricket gear ?

Ans.  SG Sanspareils Greenlands often mistaken with Sunny Gavaskar

Q3. Which retail chain started life as a butter manufacturer in Ooty in 1905 by Muthuswami Mudaliar ?

Ans. Nilgiris 

Q 4. Name the travel brand which Google has acquired from John Wiley to provide info on hotels and destinations .

Ans. Frommers

Q 5. What is innovative about the Dutch Postcode lottery started by Boudwijn Poelmann in 1989 ?

Ans. All tickets winning postcode get the lottery

Q 6. Name this accomplished B & W fashion photographer who created the landmark Kama Sutra campaign in ’90s who passed away.

Ans. Prabuddha Dasgupta

Q7. Name the Russian billionaire who has instituted a prize for fundamental physics that has a prize money of 3 mn $

Ans. Yuri Millner

Q8. What unique service do self-storage firms provide ?

Ans. They offer space starved cust. space to store things they don’t need but can’t throw

Q9. Expand REIT ?

Ans. Real estate investment trust

Q10. Name the earliest angel investor in Facebook whose 500,000 $ investment has become more than 400 mn $ and has exited largely .

Ans. Peter Thiel

Q11. By going past market cap of which co in 1999, Apple has become the biggest company ever ?

Ans. Microsoft

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



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