Weekly Business Quiz # 130

Q 1. Which brand of condoms has signed up Sunny Leone for endorsing their product ?

Ans.  Manforce condoms

Q2. Which airline’s name will appear in the names of two London underground stations, Greenwich peninsula and Royal Docks ?

Ans.  Emirates

Q3.Why has the Google’s latest upgrade called Penguin created a stir in India ?

Ans. It may trigger unemployment among SEO outsourcing firms

Q4. In Management lingo,what is Prozac leadership ?

Ans. Excessive reliance on positive thinking

Q5. Which CEO of Indian origin leads Slideshare , the co which has got acquired by LinkedIn for a whopping 119 Mn $ ?

Ans.Rashmi Sinha

Q6. For what product/ brand has AShton Kutcher appeared in an ad as an Indian named Raj creating an outcry ?

Ans. Popchips

Q7. What is the price range for IPO indicated by Facebook ?

Ans. 28 $ – 35 $

Q8. Formula for which beverage was developed by Richard Ritchie in 1931 ?

Ans. Pepsi Cola

Q9. Which web co in the news serves ppts from beautiful servers named after Aishwarya Rai, Dia Mirza, Bipasha etc ?

Ans. Slideshare

Q10. Which two ivy league universities have come together to launch a online learning platform called edX ?

Ans. Harvard and MIT

Q11. 28 years ago (May 3rd) with $1000, instead of studying for finals during my freshman year at the Univ. of Texas, I started ____ ? Fill in the blank.

Ans. Dell

Q12. In which e-book reader has Microsoft taken a 17% stake , hotting up the competition for Apple and Amazon ?

Ans. Nook of Barnes and Noble

Q13. What govt measure will make it diffcult for Benson and Hedges or Marlboro to be available in local shops in India ?

Ans. Ban on import of cigarettes.

Q14. Which brand of fans has an unusual celebrity Rajesh Khanna endorsing it ?

Ans. Havells

Q15. As per a recent survey which is the best seat in an aircraft ?

Ans. 6A is the best and 32E is the worst

Q16. Which group will take a controlling stake in Pantaloon retail from the Future Group ?

Ans.  Aditya Birla Nuvo

Q17. Which will be the first airline to operate a refinery to bring down its fuel costs ?

Ans.  Delta airlines

Q18. Which beverage will have a new tag line ” Live for Now ” ?

Ans.  Pepsi

Q 19. How do we better know the Shinkansen trains ?

Ans.  Bullet trains

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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