Weekly Business Quiz # 129

Q1. Which beverage will have a new tag line ” Live for Now ” ?

Ans. Pepsi

Q2. How do we better know the Shinkansen trains ?

Ans. Bullet trains

Q3. Who is slated to take over as the Chairman of NASSCOM from Rajendra Pawar of NIIT ?

Ans. N Chandrasekharan of TCS

Q4. Which 4200 cr company was started by school dropouts Soundarrajan and Sunderrajan in Udumalpet near Coimbatore ?

Suguna Poultry

Q5. Which global co was started by Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen in 1932 to augment his income by making wooden toys ?
Ans. Lego
Q6. Which designer brand was started by Domenico and Stefano who met in 1980 when they were assts at a fashion house in Milan ?
Ans. Dolce & Gabbana
Q7. Which businessman of Indian origin is Britain’s richest man ?
Ans. L N Mittal
Q8. Where has the new Guru gobind Singh refinery come up in Punjab ?
Ans. Bhatinda
Q9. Micromax has launched an Android smartphone which even has a SIRI like Assistant called AISHA . Expand AISHA
Ans. Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant
Q10. Steve Coll’s latest book Private Empire is an account of which American co ?
Ans. Exxon Mobil
Q11. Which Indian airport is slated to become the most expensive airport in the world as per IATA ?
Ans. IGIA Delhi
Q12. ISRO launched a spy sattellite RISAT-1 successfully ? Expand RISAT
Ans. Radar Imaging Satellite
Q13. How did the infamous “watergate ” scandal get its name ?
Ans. Name of a hotel in Washington DC
Q14. Which social networking site has been described by blogger Kevin Gil Martin as “lazy mob justice” ?
Ans. Twitter
Q 15. Which cult scooter brand has been relaunched as a gearless one at the premier end in India ?
Ans. Vespa
After the recent results which co has become the worlds biggest cellphone maker ?
Ans. Samsung
Q 16. In the context of telecom spectrum regulations, what is “refarming” ?
Ans. Reassigning govt.reg. spectrum for services with higher value.
Q 17.Google has launched a new service for storing 5GB data on the cloud a la Dropbox , what is it called ?
Ans. Google Drive
Q 18. Which co was set up by Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey when Mckelvey could not accept credit card payments for his hand-blown glass ?
Ans. Square
Q19. Which consumer goods co that is a sponsor to the London Olympics created a viral ad saying Thank you Moms ?
Ans. P & G
Q20. Which Indian famous jewellery chain has opened its ipo today ie akshaya tritiya day ?
Ans. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri
Q21. The Google Doodle  featured a zip…why ?
Ans. The birthday of Gideon Lundbeck who invented zip
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

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