Weekly Business Quiz # 104

Q1. Which drink traces its origin to “uisce beatha” (Scottish Gaelic) meaning ‘the water of life” ?

 Ans. Whiskey or Whisky

Q2. In 1984 there were just 3 IIMs, A B & C. In 2011 there are how many IIMs ?

 Ans. 13

Q3. ‘A diamond is forever’ was created in 1947 and named the greatest ad line of 20th century by Ad age. Name the brand.

 Ans. De Beers

Q4. Who is the largest registrar for internet domain names globally ?

 Ans. Verisign

Q5 .As per the EDS bill 2011 in how many years all govt of india services will be delivered electronically?

 Ans. five yrs

Q6. Which US co. Owns the brands Diesel, Timberland, Ernemildo Zegna etc ?

 Ans. Kenneth Cole

Q7. The question that got Sushil Kumar 5Cr in KBC. Which colonial power left India from Nicobar islands in 1868 ?

Ans. Denmark

Q8. From Dec 1 which indian city will be the only US consulate to accept and process L visas ?

 Ans. Chennai

Q9. Which international ad group has acquired the controlling stake in MUDRA that used to pride itself as a rare indian agency ?

Ans. Omnicom

Q10. Which global brokerage that runs a TVC claiming to guide thru the investing jungle is itself filing for bankruptcy ?

Ans. MF Global

Q11. Who once said ‘womens’ role is in the kitchen dressed in white like all other domestic appliances ‘?

Ans.  F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone

With this post , the WBQ completes 2 years. Watch out for the Best of WBQ – Annual shortly.

– compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan



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