An imaginary chat with Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is India’s paperback king. `The New York Times’ says he is ” The biggest selling English-language novelist in India’s history”. He is a youth icon today. He has just released his latest book Revolution 2020. He got a few TV appearances and interviews just before launch. Last week, his publisher tried arranging a few TV shows. Unfortunately, the other youth icon Shah Rukh Khan was on all channels promoting `Ra.One’.


Chetan Bhagat thought on his feet and decided to field questions about his book on Twitter @chetan_bhagat. Given that his Klout index is over 90 and that he has over 500,000 followers, there was a huge response to this live chat on Twitter. The overwhelming response meant that many of the comments and questions remained unanswered.


Highlights of this tweet-chat, as imagined by me, are presented below. Readers may bear with constraints on the grammar and readability imposed by the 140 character limit of Twitter.


@ankur_varma A book on corruption when the issue is top of the mind of the entire country. U r a genius sir !

@chetan_bhagat Thanks. I believe in what the character Shukla-ji in R2020 says ” Life may not give the same chance twice”.

@ram_pandey I am very excited u chose Varanasi as the setting. Why Varanasi CB ?

@chetan_bhagat Varanasi is a Tier II city in UP. Huge unpenetrated market. I believe in the potential of Tier II cities. Look at Dhoni!

@madhu_singh I am fm VNS. When did you visit VNS ? Missed u ! How long were you here ?

@chetan_bhagat Great place. Loved the Ganges. I spent full 2 days there.

@meenadas33 In 2 days you could understand Varanasi so well. It appeared you lived all ur life here.

@chetan_bhagat  At IIT-IIM v r taught how to look authentic. I bought a city map & some coffee table books at the  airport.

@ajeeya121 R2020 is fabulous CBag. Is the character Raghav U ? An engineer who wants to make a career in writing and changing the world.

@mahesh_bhatt Chetan A piece of advice. FPS and 2 states were good bcoz they were ur stories. From exp. I tell u stop writing if u hv nothing new.

@chetan_bhagat Mahesh sir. Get ur point. Now that I am a celebrity how can I experience real life. I am mobbed everywhere I go.

@makkhichoos Cbag the price of R2020 is too high @ 140. Ur other books I could buy with my pocket money. Why not 95 ?

@chetan_bhagat Thanks for bringing it up. Will speak to Rupa folks. I know that my readers are college goers and unemployed youth

@deshobhaa Chetan you have done to Rupa, what I had done for Penguin. In India people want pulp fiction. Sex sells.

@frustram I will say Cbag thanks to you we are reading something better than Prof Mastram and Savita Bhabhi.

@babita You r doing a service to the nation as I have written in my blog in TOI

@chetan_Bhagat Thanks for your kind words.

@lakshmi_chaudhry Bull ! I think you are Mediocre , Middlebrow and Mahaan . Pl read  in Firstpost

@chetan_bhagat I understand my readers. I know what they want. I am a full-time writer. I am not interested in  Booker prize.

@monicagrg55 Cbag are u superstitious like Kjo ? Why does all ur book titles have a number in it ? 5,1,3, 2 and now 2020

@lillylucknow Cbag we r very angry abt comments abt ur ‘maid’ tweet. We know u r genuinely care for your maid.


@chetan_bhagat I do not hv to answer all my critics. Thru my columns in TOI and books I know I can create a revolution.

@ex_infy_empl CB, whereas we all know what Infy does. Taking on Narayana Murthy was it necessary ?

@chetan_bhagat Pl understand the  timing of his comment on IIT & coaching was 2 good to let it pass. Controversy helps.

@taran_adarsh When I read FPS, I felt it could be made into a hit movie. 3 idiots we all know. R2020 is too filmi.What’s new ?

@deshobhaa Very right. The love triangle is too close to movies like Sangam or Saagar. 2 boys and a girl, one a friend and other lover.

@jholawalla333 I bought R2020  in the rly station. Expecting politics, ideology, some radical solution. It is Mills and Boon stuff.

@chetan_bhagat I have given everything my readers want. Love, Ambition, Corruption in 300 pages of easy prose.I have sold 500, 000 copies.

@greatbong I think CBag you are in the business of writing best sellers and you do it better than any Indian author.

@chetan_bhagat I have a book release function to attend. Thanks everyone.


( This is a work of fiction)

( This post appeared earlier in The South Reports


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