Weekly Business Quiz # 34

Q 1. With whom has karan Johar tied up to promote IHLS where the protagonists appear in the covers of these stories ?

Ans.  Mills and Boon

Q 2. Kiva, Rangde.org, Dhanax are a few online crowdfunding sites. What is crowdfunding ?

Ans. Raising small amounts from many for microlending

Q3. Which Indian icon is shown in ads for SWISSCOM’s blackberry service with the msg ” To spread the good, was never this easy’?

Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

Q4. After Fardeen, Saif Ali Khan who is the new face of Provogue ?

Ans.  Hrithik Roshan

Q5. Christy branded towels used in Wimbledon are made in India. Who makes them, where ?

Ans. Welspun Vapi Gujarat

Q6. What drink is being promoted as India’s first caffeine -free cola ?

Ans. Cloud 9 cola

Q7. Connect Bank of America to HSBC in India ..

Ans. BA was sold to ABN, ABN sold out to RBS, now RBS has sold out to HSBC

Q8. To mark what occasion is Infy giving free shares to its employees ?

Ans. 30th anniversary of the company

Q9. From July 1, RBI has asked all banks to announce a base rate for lending. What was the earlier rate called ?

Ans. Benchmark Prime lending rate

Q10. Italian mfr Magni makes Gyrocopters that has a range of 500km and top speed of 150kmph. What is it ?

Ans. hybrid between plane and helicopter

Q11. What is the name of the retail store from the co INDUS mobile ? Clue Madhavan


Q 12. Which is the only Indian product kept in the Museum of modern art in US?

Ans. Hawkins pressure cooker




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