Weekly Business Quiz # 35

Q1. What is the full-form of the word ‘snafu’ which comes from the US Army in WW II ?

Ans. Situation normal: all fouled up ! (sanitised version)

Q2. Name the 3 fastest growing intl airlines from the Gulf, also known as super connectors .

Ans. Emirates, Qatar airways and Etihad

Q3. Who is credited with coining the term , ’emerging markets’, a positive term for developing world, in 1981 ?

Ans. Antoine van Agtmael

Q4. What is the major function of software utlilities like Freedom, Think, Isolator etc. ?

Ans. Blocks internet & other distractions to conc on work

Q5. As per a Deloitte study, only 2 out of the big 5 football leagues in Europe make profit. Which 2 ?

Ans. German Bundesliga and Eng premier league

Q6. Henry Ford said ” You can have any color as long as it is black” is well known. Why black ?

Ans. Black paint dries faster. hence more output

Q7. In a recent survey in US for the most unpopular corporates, BP was 2 and Toyota 3. Who was rated No 1 ?

Ans.  Goldman Sachs

Q8. Dean Kamen invented a device about which Steve jobs said ‘ as big a deal as the PC’. It failed. What device ?

Ans. Segway scooters

Q9. Pele, Maradona and Zidane appear together in an ad for a designer brand. Name it

Ans. Louis Vuitton

Q10. Which tycoon is setting up a university in Karnataka, named after him, on studies and research in education and development ?

Ans.  Azim Premji

Q11. What new model of VW was launched with the gimmick of a car climbing a tall building vertically ?

Ans. VW Vento

– Compiled by G.Mohan


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