Weekly Business Quiz # 29

Q1 With which global cosmetic brand would you associate the campaign ‘natural is good’?

Ans. The Body shop

Q2. All GARNIER ads end with ‘Take care’. Another brand from this stable L’OREAL end their ads with ?

Ans. Because you’re worth it.

Q3. ASP, Apps-on-taps, SaaS. On demand, all more or less refer to the same concept. The same old wine now has a new bottle. What?

Ans. Cloud computing

Q4. In terms of revenue per employee, name the tech co which comes out tops globally. Apple is # 2, Google is # 3, Amazon is # 4 .

Ans. Craigslist

Q5. Siyaram’s MSD range of suitings stands for Monday to Sunday dressing. It stands for one more thing. What ?

Ans. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Q6. Name the US satellite based global positioning system which has a monopoly on GPS.

Ans. Navstar

Q7. Story of 2 Tech Cos, say A and B. Market caps in 2000 A 11 bn $, B 382 bn $. Market Caps in 2010 A 152 bn $, B 150 bn $. Who are A and B ?

Ans. Apple and Microsoft

Q8Tony Blair is joining the PE firm Khosla ventures. Another former british PM is part of another PE firm Carlyle group. Who ?

Ans. John Major

Q9. To set an example, Mukesh Ambani has capped his salary to a rather small amount. (Poor guy, how will he live). What is the cap ?

Ans. Rs 15 cr only

Q10. The now not so popular Industrialist MP Navin Jindal came to limelight winning a landmark case agnst GOI. What was the case?

Ans. Right to hoist flags in private buildings, inside and outside

Q11.  Why are more Indians heading towards Europe this summer for a vacation ?

Ans.  Thanks to the Europe crisis, Euro has depreciated. Better value.

Q12. Which best selling sedan is irreverently called the Swift with a backside ?

Ans. Maruti Swift D’zire

Q13. What is an IDR ? Who is the first issuer of IDR?

Ans. Indian depository receipt. Stanchart bank.

Q14. Which airline, in the news for a crash, has the tag line ‘simply priceless’?

Ans.  Air india express

Q15. Name the man behind “Sulabh shauchalaya” who developed the two-pit toilet,an innovation now exported to over 50 countries.

Ans. Bindeshwari pathak

Q16. Connect BNP Paribas, IBM, Longines, FEDEX to a sporting event.

Ans. French open

Q17. Which Indian car company is owned 50% by Chinese co. SAIC ?

Ans. General Motors india is a 50:50 JV between GM and SAIC

Q18. The Sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia has a very Indian sounding name. It is fighting with Fortis over Parkway takeover. Name it.

Ans. Khazanah

Q.19.  Allwyn Nissan, Punjab tractors, Kinetic engg, ………Complete the series

Ans. Reva Electric. All are Mahindra acquisitions

Q 20. Reva electric car was designed by an ace Indian auto designer. Name him.

Ans. Dilip Chhabria. DC in short.


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