Weekly Business # 31

Q 1. Name this HUL soap brand which after merging with HAMAM earlier has been relaunched.


Q 2.Why is EU planning to impose a ban on sex toys ?

Ans. They are made of PVC, which is bad for environment

Q 3. In 1955,Nehru praised a co for “putting india in the league of technically adv nations that can produce typewriters”. Name the  co.

Ans. Godrej & Boyce

Q4.RBI has issued a circular that alterations in cheque will not be allowed from 1 july. Of payee, date and amount. what can be altered?

Ans. Only date alteration with signature is allowed

Q 5. Connect Amitabh Bachchan, Binaca, Kings XI Punjab, Fem care, Fresenius Kabi to a brand/company

Ans. Dabur

Q 6. How many circles each did Vodafone, IDEA, R-com, Tata win in the just concluded BWA spectrum auction?

Ans.  None.

Q 7. What is the ‘Chamatcar’ in the ‘i-key’ for Nissan Micra ? Who is its brand amb. ?

Ans.  I-key in pocket open the door by a button.Ranbir Kapoor

Q 8. Who is the author of the book ‘Employees first customers second’ published by Harvard press ? Clue: CEO of an indian tech co.

Ans. Vineet Nayar of HCL tech

Q9. Connect physicist Stephen Hawking to Blackberry …

Ans. Stephen Hawking will be joining Perimeter Institute promoted by Blackberry founder

Q 10. How is NIKE saying ‘yes to plastic’ during this world cup soccer ?

Ans. Jerseys for stars like Ronaldo made of used plastic bottles

Q 11. The INFY SEZ coming up in HYD will be having a unique shape likely to make it an arch. marvel. What shape?

Ans. Inverted pyramid

Q12. Which Indian co techies will be manning the ‘command and control’ centre of FIFA cup 2010 ?

Ans. Mahindra Satyam

Q 13. Where is the first private metro service likely to start in India by 2013 ?

Ans. Gurgaon

Q 14. Under UN’s Clean development mechanism , cos. earn certified emission reductions ( CERs). What is the popular term for CER ?

Ans. Carbon credit

Q 15. Which gaming console used MEMS accelerometer technology for the first time that helps play a video game with the whole body ?

Ans. Nintendo Wii

 –Compiled by G.Mohan


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