Weekly Business Quiz # 30

Q1.Scientists have proved that members of opp sex look sexier after booze. What is this effect called ?

Ans. Beer goggles

Q2 .Which is the largest TV shopping network globally ?

Ans. QVC of US

Q 3. Which co will be soon launching the world’s largest IPO of 30 b US $ ?

Ans. Agricultural bank of china

Q 4. What service has been launched for Drs of Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai by Vodafone, Blackberry and medical eqpt co Maestros ?

Ans. ECG on mobile

Q 5. Which pharma co has launched a low-cost vaccine for H1N1 virus in India at Rs 350 each ?


Q 6. Name the company which markets generic drug Sidenafil Citrate under the brand name KAMAGRA.

Ans. Ajanta Pharma

Q 7. In which indian city are workers working harder to meet the high demand for footballs, thanks to the upcoming FIFA cup?

Ans. Jalandhar

Q 8. Which global co runs Corporate Services Corps where leadership devpt is combined with community initiatives?


Q 9. Based on a survey finding that 70% of viewers do not know what to watch on TV what new channel has been launched ?

Ans. What’s on India

Q 10. Which Chinese electronics mfr has decided to increase wages of its employees by 20 % to control suicides ?

Ans. Foxconn

Q 11. Mary Phelps Jacob descendant of Robert Fulton ,the inventor of steamboat, was an inventor herself. What did she invent in 1910?

Ans. Brassiere

Q 12. Where has the new TATA Nano plant come up and has become operational today ?

Ans. Sanand in Gujarat

Q13. How are drivers of premium cars speaking on their cellphones without being caught for traffic violation?

 Ans. Thru car stereo with bluetooth

Q14. Which co has launched ‘TigerZor’ and ‘Actimind’ brands of flavored milk recently ?

Ans. Britannia

Q15. Launched in Nov ’09 this bike has a tag of Rs 1.25 lakh. It is such a hit that it now has a 6 month waiting.Name it.

Ans. Enfield classic 500

Q17. The Sovereign wealth fund of Malaysia has a very Indian sounding name. It is fighting with Fortis over Parkway takeover. Name it

Ans. Khazanah

Q18. What is an Islamic financial certificate called, similar to a bond in Western finance, that complies with Sharia, Islamic law.?

Ans. Sukuk


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