Weekly Business Quiz #32

Q 1.In which IPL team did the new Deutsche Bank CEO Anshu Jain have a stake until recently ?

Ans. Mumbai Indians

Q2. Van Schalwyk a plastic factory worker patented it in 2001. His co Masincedane sport is doing well this FIFA. What is his product?

Ans. Vuvuzela

Q3. The designer brand Hermes has two popular styles of an accessory Kelly and Birkin. Name the accessory.

Ans. Ladies hand bags

Q4. In the classic ‘It happened one night’ Clark Gable takes off his shirt revealing his bare torso leading to 75%dec in sales of what ?


Q5. 1 train, 13 destinations, 15 role models, 400 youth, 9000 km… what yatra we talking about ?

Ans. Tata Jagriti yatra

Q6. Copy writer goes crazy… An ad says .’f*****ck!! Flat 20% off. Name the brand.

Ans. Fastrack

Q7. After prepaid, postpaid.. India’s first unpaid service is being promoted. Who is promoting it ?

Ans. Future group. Tata Teleservices is the telecom operator. Like Virgin, it appears that Future is a MVNO.

Q8. Name this lady a former eBay head who recently won the Republican nomination for California governor.

Ans. Meg Whitman

Q9. The world cup anthem by Shakira is’WAKA WAKA’ . What does it mean ? Think Nike.

Ans.Do it !

Q10. Which was the first hybrid vehicle to be launched in India ?

Ans. Hybrid vehicle is a dual powered one. Suvega moped used petrol and pedal

Q11. What are Roquefort. Gorgonzola and Stilton different types of ?

Ans. Blue Cheese

Q12. What unique features make Vortex ATM right for indian villages. SBI has placed an order for 600 ?

Ans. Uses fingerprint, low investment ,No AC, can dispense soiled notes

Q13. In HR, what is a ‘brown bag’ session and why it is called so ?

Ans. It is an informal interaction session with boss with pkd food in brown bags

Q14. Which US co is returning to India , 30 years ago its brand name had become a generic name for decorative laminates ?


Q 15. He is single, prob lives with his parents, he may not have a job . Yet he is happy. What do marketers call this segment?

Ans. Omega male

Q 16. Which mobile co is using the idea of ‘football widows’ in their TVCs to sell football updates ?

Ans. Vodafone

– Compiled by G.Mohan


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