Guest Business Quiz # 33

Here is a second business quiz set by the Guest Quiz Master Abhishek Sinha. This time it is on Agribusiness start-ups.

Question 1

Food wastage in India, which majorly happens in the supply chain and not in our fridges and homes can feed the whole of Brazil. This led to Karthik Jayaram leave the automotive sector and start a new company which owned refrigerated logistics to start with. What did he and his cofounders name their business?

Answer : WayCool

Question 2

Internally funded by Mahindra, this agritech company converts capital expenditure into fixed cost and fixed costs into variable cost.

“One of the few companies in this rural digitization space looking to bring relevant digital applications to the farmers. We are making use of digitization to completely change the current practices of mechanization. Through Mahindra’s expertise in mechanization, we are bringing high end implements to farmers on a sharing basis, hence reducing their cost of ownership. (Fixed Assets to Fixed Cost).

 In fact, the company was the first to make this service professional with timely availability, trained drivers and high-quality service. (Fixed Cost to Variable Cost). “

Which is the start up in question?

Answer : Trringo

Question 3

Farm Mechanisation has been a challenge in India as it lags behind countries such as Russia, Western Europe, Brazil, and China as reported by FICCI Report  “Transforming Agriculture through Mechanisation, released in December 2015”.  This led to Vikas Agarwal starting the first tractor renting business in India in 2016. Which is the start up in question?

Answer : Ravgo

Question 4

Shakti Sudha is a network of 12,000 farmers across 38 blocks and 8 districts of Bihar, who have adopted cultivation of an aquatic food under the guidance of a company. Name the super food and whose brainchild is this ?

Answer : Makhana (Fox Nut) , Satyajit Kumar Singh – the makhana man of India.

Question 5

Different from other agritech startups, Aquaconnect aims to improve the efficiency using  the AI and remote-sensing technologies help farmers to observe the water quality and feeding result then make the right decisions. Which sector do they cater to.

Ans. Shrimp and Farm Fishing

Question 6

Farmers outsource their farming management to this company. This company uses AI and data analysis knowledge to accumulate a huge amount of smart farming data and intelligence from farmers and experts, after that, it can provide valuable information to its customers.

Answer : Aibono

Question 7

Founded by Prasanna Rao, Anand Chandra, and Chattanathan Devarajan the Noida-headquartered startup is simplifying agribusiness by improving working capital efficiency.

Answer :

Question 8

The product Hortisort is an innovative solution that automates fruit grading with high accuracy and great throughput. Hortisort is launched by ___ ?

Answer : Zentron

Question 9

This company simplifies the purchase, sales, or rental of farm equipment for farmers and those associated with farming. Name the company

Answer : Kheti Gaadi

Question 10

How many unicorns are there in agribased businesses in India?

Answer : Zero or none

Question 11

INI Farms Pvt Ltd, a Pune based  exporters of fruit and vegetable crops like bananas and pomegranates from India was acquired by a leading digital farmer networks and Agri-inputs platform. Which is the acquirer company ?

Answer : Agro Star

Question 12

What connects farm-to-retail platform for seafood Captain Fresh; software-led B2B food supply platform FarMart, and logistics and delivery solutions provider LoadShare.?

Answer : They all have been funded by Matrix Partners. An early stage fund which invests in B2B ideas.

Question 13

Flipkart-and-Walmart-backed Ninjacart in March 2022 acquired a SAAS based firm . The deal involved all employees of the target company joining Ninjacart. This would help automate supply chains and improve efficiency. Name the target company which was acquired.

Answer : Tecxprt

Question 14

This AI-based agritech company that provides farmers with real-time quality assessment of crops through image recognition technology was formed in 2016 by Milan Sharma, Nishant Mishra, Himani Shah and Devendra Chandani. It uses computer vision and deep learning, to monitor the quality of and to grade fruits and vegetables. Name this agtech startup.

Answer : Intello Labs

Question 15

What connects the three agrotech fund Omnivore, Aavishkar and Agfunder ?

Answer : They all have invested in AgroStar

Compiled by Abhishek Sinha

Abhishek Sinha describes himself as an ardent student of business and business models and loves collecting trivia on businesses.

His earlier post on unicorns can be found here. Guest Business Quiz # 32


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  1. Wow
    Dr Abhishek
    The quiz questions were par excellence. If I was to take the questions then I wouldn’t have passed!!!!Thank God
    But the questions were very apt and real quizzing questions of the day


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