Weekly Business Quiz # 642


Question 1

Which global company has launched its CoLab startup accelerator in India , second only to the one in US ?

Answer : Mondelez

Question 2

As per the hospitality major OYO which place received the highest growth in bookings on the Valentine’s day ?

Answer : Vrindavan

Question # 3

2022 was the first year in which the online retailers sold more smartphones than the offline retailers in India. What % of smartphones were shipped by online retailers ?

Answer: 53 %

Question # 4

The Income Tax dept is conducting a survey in the offices of BBC in India. It is not a search. What is the basic difference between a search and a survey in IT dept lingo ?

Answer :

Question # 5

Search ensures you can collect incriminating materials from all locations survey gives you access to visit in office hours only business premises and cannot seize anything

Question # 6

Air India has placed a large order for aircraft after 16 years. How many orders have been placed on Airbus and Boeing each ?

Answer : 250 with Airbus and 220 with Boeing

Question # 7

Which small town in Gujarat accounts for the manufacture of 8 out of 10 pencils in India as it is the home to the Top 2 pencil mfrs of India Hindusthan and DOMS ?

Answer : Umargram or Umbergaon in Valsad district

Question # 8

In the recently concluded auction for Women’s Premier League which player got the highest contract for what amount ?

Answer; Smriti Mandhana was contracted by Royal Challengers Bangalore for Rs 3.4 crore

Question # 9

Reliance Retail has launched a beauty e-commerce platform in competition with Nykaa, Sephora, Tata Cliq Palette etc . What is it called ?

Answer : Tira

Question #10

Which business group owns several tea estates incl the famous Makaibari tea estate of Darjeeling , the premium carpet maker and exporter OBEETEE carpets in Mirzapur and Manor and Mews a bespoke premium furniture brand ?

Answer : Luxmi Group

Question # 11

Which real estate company has acquired Raj Kapoor’s bungalow in Chembur, Mumbai adjacent to RK Studios ?

Answer : Godrej Properties


Question # 12

Indian American Neal Mohan has been appointed as the CEO of YouTube. He joined Google because his employer was acquired by Google. Acquisition of which company led to his joining Google ?

Answer : Double Click

Compiled by

G.Mohan Twitter IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan


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