Guest Business Quiz # 32

This is a business quiz post on unicorns from a new Guest Quiz Master – Abhishek Sinha*.

Question 1

Oxyzo Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. founded in 2017 “uses technology to crunch data and provide purchase financing to businesses, giving out cash-flow based loans in a credit-starved country where small and medium businesses struggle to get working capital”. On the other hand, OFB Tech (OfBusiness) “is a tech-enabled platform that facilitates raw material procurement and credit for SMEs with focus in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors”.

What connects both the businesses ?

Answer : Both the unicorns have been started by the same husband-wife duo of– Ashish Mahopatra and Ruchi Kalra.

Question 2

In 2022, 22 startups from India achieved unicorn status ( a valuation of over 1 Bn $) taking the total number of Indian unicorns to 106. The collective valuation of these startups stands at $341 billion.

What makes Games24x7 and Amagi stand out ?

Ans. They are supposedly the only two unicorns among the 22 that have made profits in 2022.

Question 3

InMobi is the “world’s leading Marketing Cloud, driving real connections between brands and consumers”.

What makes it the icon among Indian unicorns ?

Answer : It is the first Indian unicorn.

Question 4

What connects Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, Sequoia Capital India, Bond, Silver Lake, Blackrock, Sands Capital Management, Alkeen Capital Manageemnt, Canada Pension Plan Funds , Tiger Global, Times Internet and Aarin Capital ?

Answer : All these are funds that have invested in Byjus

Question 5

Navi Technologies turned profitable in the financial year 2021, posting a consolidated profit of Rs 71 crore, according to the startup’s regulatory filings.

What is the connection between Navi Technologies and Flipkart ?

Answer : Both have been cofounded by Sachin Bansal

Question 6

The company became a unicorn in 2022. Founded by couple Sumeet Mehta and Smita Deorah this startup works with thousands of K-12 schools, where it has integrated its platform that helps them secure books and other resources from vendors, thereby cutting middlemen and bringing quality assurance. Name this unicorn

Answer : Lead School

Question 7

Co-founded by Niraj Singh, Mohit Gupta, and Ramanshu Mahuar in 2015, this start-up created a platform for buying and selling pre-owned cars. It became a unicorn in December 2021. Name this unicorn

Answer Spinny

Question 8

Jasper Infotech was initially founded with the vision of revolutionising discount coupons. It later gave birth to a leading market place. Which start-up is being talked about ?

Answer . Snapdeal

Question 9

In which year did India have the maximum number of unicorns ( 42) in a single year ?

Answer : 2021

Question 10

Name this online beauty and grooming products marketplace named after a colour . It became a unicorn in 2022.

Answer : Purple

Compiled by Abhishek Sinha

Abhishek Sinha describes himself as an ardent student of business and business models and loves collecting trivia on businesses.



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