Weekly Business Quiz # 641


Question # 1

Besides Adani Total Gas, in which Adani listed company does the French major Total Energies have a stake?

Ans. Adani Green Energy

Question # 2

Which two brands that Coca-Cola got when it acquired Parle are being taken global by Coca Cola worldwide as per its Global President?

Answer : Thums Up and Maaza


Question # 3

Dubbed “the natural successor to quiet quitting” by Glamour UK’s Bianca London, X describes the act of staying in an unsatisfying job due to a perceived lack of better options or fear of job insecurity. What is X ?

Ans. Resenteeism. Resenteeism is a spin on “presenteeism” where workers show up for the sake of appearing to be doing work. In resenteeism, they are less subtle about their apathy or frustration. This can spread at work resulting in low morale, decreased productivity & more conflict.

Question # 4

Under which brand does Piaggio market its middle-weight motorcycles (450cc and above) ?

Ans. Aprillia

Question # 5

Identify the person with Satya Nadella..Why is he in the news ?

Answer : Sam Altman. He is the CEO of Open AI, the company behind ChatGPT. Microsoft will be integrating ChatGPT with their Bing Search Engine

Question # 6

A X is a phony name or identity created by an online user to argue, bully or review products as another person. In tech jargon what is X ?

Answer : It’s called a #SockPuppet, an online identity used for purposes of deception. Sock Puppets are also used as a strictly controlled tactic employed by Private Investigators, Law Enforcement & other Security Agencies for Digital or Covert Internet Investigations.

Compiled by

G.Mohan Twitter IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan


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