Weekly Business Quiz # 581


Q1. Which institutional investor is calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting at Zee Entertianment to remove the promoter and CEO Puneet Goenka from his position ?

Ans. Invesco

Q2. What is the unique claim from Ola about the workforce of its Futurefactory in Tamil Nadu ?

Ans. first 100 % all women factory

Q3. SEBI has introduced a new class of investors based on Net Worth or Income who get relaxation in the minimum investment rules and some other criteria for Alternate Investment Products/ PMS etc. What is the term for this ?

Ans. Accredited Investor

Q4. ITC has launched a Sunfeast All Rounder Thin Potato Biscuits.. This is a new category which comes in between a Potato snack and a Biscuit… Which brand innovated this first and has become hugely popular in India ?

Ans. Potata by Pran of Bangladesh

Q5. Through which site can you book India’s first cruise luxury liner starting from September 18th ?


Q6. TCS has launched a new initiative to attract women professionals to re-enter workspace after a gap. What is this initiative called ?

Ans. ReBegin

Q7. Ford has decided to wind down its India manufacturing operations in India at its factories in Sanand and Chennai after it estimated its losses till date and little prospects of recovering it. What is the estimated losses ?

Ans 2 Bn $

Q8. Eureka Forbes , the appliance manufacturer, is going to change hands. This loss making company is going to be acquired by Advent, a PE firm. Who is the seller ?

Ans. Shapoorji Pallonji

Q9. With which bank and/ or finance company have Google Pay and Amazon Pay tied up Respectively to allow their users to make investments like Fixed Deposits ? ( This is making RBI jittery)

Ans. Google will be offering deposit of Equitas small finance bank thru Setu and Amazon is offering deposit products of Bajaj Finance through Kuvera.


Q10. Which university with a massive endowment of 42 Bn $ has announced that it will divest from all investments in Fossil Fuels ?

Ans. Harvard University

Q11. When is World EV Day celebrated every year ?

Ans. September 9th

Q12. Facebook and Essilor Luxottica have launched wearable glasses that are not only technologically advanced but also look sexy. What are they called ?

Ans. Ray Ban Stories

Q13. What is the popular name for Zero Depreciation Car Insurance Policy ?

Ans. Bumper-to-Bumper Insurance

Q14. What is the controversial order issued by Joe Biden to all employers having more than 100 employees regarding COVID vaccination ?

Ans. All organisation that have more than 100 employees have to get mandatorily vaccinated and get testing done.

Compiled by G.Mohan

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