Weekly Business Quiz # 582


Q1. Which company owns the apparel brands Avaasa Mix N March, Teamspirit, DNMX and Netplay ?

Ans. Reliance Retail

Q2. What is the Niti Aayog’s proposed ‘Shoonya’ initiative ?

Ans. Zero emission Last mile delivery in cities

Q3. Name this former advertising executive who was a pioneer in managing celebrity endorsements for sportsmen. Inspired by Mark McCormack’s IMG , he set up Professional Management Group with Sunil Gavaskar in the 1980s. He passed away recently

Ans. Sumedh Shah

Q4., Uber has launched a new service where it helps companies to provide commuting facility for 10-50 employees to the place of work in major metros. Name the service

Ans. Corporate Shuttle

Q5. In the Apple promotional event a portion of a an old Hindi film hit was licensed from Saregama and played. Name the song

Ans. Dum Maro Dum from Hare Rama Hare Krishna

Q6.Which institutional investor is calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting at Zee Entertianment to remove the promoter and CEO Puneet Goenka from his position ?

Ans. Invesco

Q7. What is the unique claim from Ola about the workforce of its Futurefactory in Tamil Nadu for manufacturing electric scooters ?

Ans. all women workforce

Q8. Who has acquired the AMC business of Yes Bank, Yes Mutual Fund and have now got the SEBI approval for the same ?

Ans. White Oak Capital Group ( GPL Finance)

Q9. Parle has entered the cereals market now. Which brand of Parle has been extended ?

Ans. Hide and Seek


Q10. Many CEOs of leading American companies to launch a OneTen initiative in December 2020. What is OneTen ?

Ans. Initiative to skill, hire & promote 1 million Black Americans over next 10 years in sustaining Jobs

Q11. Which watch brand is closely associated with the James Bond franchise incl. the latest film ‘No Time to Die’ ?

Ans. Omega

Q12. Where has the world’s biggest carbon removal plant become operational ?

Ans. Iceland

Q13Potential default from which major Chinese real estate developer is causing uncertainty in the worlds capital markets ?

Ans. Ever Grande

Q14. Warren Buffett had written in one of his annual shareholder letters that ‘ Gin rummy managerial behaviour is not our style’. What is Gin rummy behaviour ?

Ans. Discarding least valuable/profitable part of business every review

Q15. Nio the Chinese EV maker sells electric cars without batteries and provides BaaS..Expand BaaS

Ans. Battery as a Service

Q16. Satya Nadella paid this tribute to a pioneer in computing, who passed away. Name this pioneer

Ans. Sir Clive Sinclair

Q17. What is the name of the Mobile Wallet from Facebook which was earlier called Calibra ?

Ans. Novi

Compiled by G.Mohan

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