Weekly Business Quiz # 580


Q1. What is the intermediary between the data provider and the data user, deploying standardised protocols and secure encryption and managing the consent of the individual whose data is being provided/ accessed called ?

Ans. Account Agregator

Q2. Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani gave his vision of 1-1-1 at the International Climate Summit, 2021 . What is 1-1-1 ?

Ans. 1kg of green Hydrogen at 1 $ in 1 decade from now

Q3. After acquiring Thirumalai Dairy, Prabhat Dairy, Anik Industries, the French major Lactalis is in race to acquire which sick Dairy company ?

Ans. Kwality Dairy

Q4. ______ Order is an order passed by an executing court directing or ordering a party not to pay money to judgment debtor since the latter is indebted to the decree holder. Such an order has been issued by High Court on Saurav Ganguly’s plea. Fill in the blank

Ans. Garnishee

Q5. Which life insurance major has acquired controlling stake in Exide Life Insurance ?

Ans. HDFC Life

Q6. One of the technologies that RBI proposes for enhancing security in digital payments is tokenisation. What is “tokenisation” ?

Ans. Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identification symbols that retain all the essential information about the data without compromising its security.

Q7. Which popular web series on Netflix will be co -promoted by Netflix and Pepsi in India ?

Ans. Money Heist

Q8. Name this digital payments pioneer started by MN Srinivasu, Ajay Kaushal and Karthik Ganapathy way back in 2000. It was recently sold to technology investor Prosus.

Ans. Bill Desk


Q9. Which digital arts and animation company is creating digital avatars of ABBA , the ’70s band, called ABBAtars that will perform a live concert in London , May next year ?

Ans. Industrial Light and Magic

Q10. For which luxury brand is Priyanka Chopra promoting the traditional Indian bridal jewellery Mangalsutra ?

Ans. Bulgari

Q11. Which country has become the first to accept the cryptocurrency bitcoin as legal tender ?

Ans. El Salvador

Q12. On which port city has the world’s first floating dairy farm come up ? It is a three tier structure where cows live on the top floor, cheese yoghurt and butter is made in the middle and cheese maturing is done at the bottom.

Ans. Rotterdam in Netherlands

Q13. Name the industry association for all Champagne producers of Champagne France that not only takes care of the various interests of the growers and wine producers, it also keeps a vigil on the use of the word Champagne in any white wine produced outside

Ans. The Comite Champagne

Q14. Paris has introduced speed limits in most roads to reduce accidents and reduce pollution. This is being opposed by many businesses . What is the new speed limit ?

Ans. 30 Kmph

Q15. Identify this social media platform owned by Adobe that is promoted as the network for showcasing creative work for designers and other artists

Ans. Behance

Q16. What economic crisis has led Sri Lanka to declare a Food Emergency ?

Ans. Forex crisis because of sharp decline in tourism due to the pandemic .. Importers of some imp food items are not getting forex

Compiled by G.Mohan

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