Weekly Business Quiz # 579


Q1. Wearable devices is a fast growing market. Of this which is the biggest market segment in terms of volumes in India ?

Ans. Earwear

Q2. Inside which company’s factory in Hosur is a 50 acre man-made forest where they have over 400 species of plants and over 200 species of animals ? The Chairman calls it the Sacred Forest, so that land will not be used for expansion.

Ans. TVS Motors

Q3. Which recent NFO ( new fund offer) of a Mutual Fund Scheme garnered the highest ever amount as subscription ?

Ans. SBI Balanced Advantage Fund

Q4. The DGCA has given permission for flying of Boeing 737 Max in Indian skies now. Which airline will be the biggest beneficiary of this relaxation ?

Ans. SpiceJet

Q5. What is the name given for the Govt of India’s National database for unorganised workers ?

Ans. e-Shram

Q6. As talent becomes scarce in the startup world many companies are acquiring companies not only for the product but also for the talent. What is the one word for such hiring ?

Ans. Acquihire

Q7. Which company has acquired the rights to manufacture and market electrical appliances under the old brands BPL and Kelvinator ?

Ans. Reliance Retail

Q8. AltF is a co-working space company. It is offering CSOPs just like startups offer ESOPs to their employees. What is C in CSOP ?

Ans. Customer

Q9. Reliance Retail is getting aggressive on its e-commerce channels. If JioMart is their grocery app, Reliance Digital is for electronics, what is their app for Apparel ?

Ans. Ajio

Q10. Papad makers are confused. One ruling says a Papad is a papad based on its raw materials and end use. Another ruling says if the shape changes or some new ingredients are added it becomes ‘ unfried Fryums’. If GST for papad is 0% , what is it for unfried Fryums?

Ans. 18 %

Q 11. What branding is Xiaomi dropping in its products ? It had introduced this in the first smartphone it had launched in August 2011.

Ans. Mi

Q12. “The visual identity is the ribbon – the A and P coming together – speaking about a combination that is timeless..it embraces the auspicious colours of red and yellow, so true to Indian culture”..This is the description of the company logo by its MD. Name the co.

Ans. Asian Paints

Q 13. Zetwerks is one of the latest startups that has become a unicorn based on its latest round of funding. What is the main business of this startup ?

Ans. Manufacturing services

Q 14. NSE has given a wind down order to brokers for trading in which of the following ?

Ans. Digital Gold

Q 15. Rainmaker.win is a new app for trading in cryptocurrencies and stocks. What does the .win suffix indicate ?

Ans. .win relates to games or gaming activities ..Rainmaker is a fantasy investment game

Q 16. As per a CRISiL study Indian companies have spent over Rs 1,00,000 cr under CSR since 2015 when it became mandatory under law. In which area do corporates spend more CSR money ?

Ans. Education and Skill Development


Q17. The name “represents a combination of the terms COVID-19, mRNA, community, and immunity ” ..What is the commercial name for the Pfizer- BioNtech COVID vaccine ?

Ans. Comirnaty

Q18. Dr Martens is an old and trusted brand since 1947 in UK. What are they known for ?

Ans. Boots

Q19. Name the famous TED speaker and author of the best-selling book The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone — Especially Ourselves, now in the eye of the storm for using fake data in his research.

Ans. Dan Ariely

Q20. Content _____ is an illegal way of stealing original content from a legitimate web-site and posting it to another site without the permission of the content’s owner. Fill in the blank.

Ans. Scraping

Q21. What economic crisis has led Sri Lanka to declare a Food Emergency ?

Ans. Foreign exchange crisis due to the slump in tourism after the pandemic struck

Q22. Which important economic policy makers meet annually at Jackson Hole, Vyoming USA every year ? This year they met virtually .

Ans. Fed Reserve Chiefs

Q23. China has introduced restrictions for playing video games on children . What is the max hours a child can play ?

Ans. 3 hours per week

Compiled by G.Mohan

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