Weekly Business Quiz # 578


Q1. LIC of India Ltd was formed in 1956 was formed by merging and nationalising a number of life insurance companies operating in India. How many such companies were merged ?

Ans, 246 insurance companies

Q2. Which well known Indian celebrity’s voice will be offered by Amazon in Alexa soon ?

Ans. Amitabh Bachchan

Q3. RBI has imposed limits on the amount of Fixed Deposit that a bank can ask for a customer for giving a locker on rent . Higher than that will be labelled a restrictive practice. What is the limit ?

Ans. 3 years’ rent

Q4. Zydus Cadila has got emergency use approval for their COVID 19 vaccine. It is being promoted as the world’s first _______ – free COVID vaccine. Fill in the blank.

Ans. Needle-free

Q5. What will the Volkswagen T-Cross based SUV model called in the Indian market ?

Ans. Volkswagen Tiguan

Q6. What has Maggi started adding in its Atta Noodles in every noodle to demonstrate that it is ‘Nutrilcious’ ?

Ans. Spinach

Q7. As chips shortage continue to delay production of cars, what models are Indian auto manufacturers delivering ?

Ans. More petrol models without the infotainment systems …These models have less chips in them

Q8. Who is the newly appointed Director of IIM Calcutta ?

Ans. Prof. Uttam Kumar Sarkar

Q9. Kabuliwala , is a term popularised by Gurudev Tagore in his story of the same name that was also made into a film. Indian cities like Kolkata have a small number of Kabuliwalas even to this day. What kind of business do these Afghanis do in India ?

Ans. Dry fruits selling from house to house and also money-lending.


Q10. X was started in the late ’50s by two English brothers, Joe and Jeff Foster, who named it after an African antelope. It became a huge success in the 1970s. It was later acquired by Adidas in 2005. After Adidas could not revive it, it has been sold to Authentic brands. Name X.

Ans. Reebok

Q11. Emma Walmsley is the highest paid woman CEO last year in UK. Which well known global pharma firm does she head ?

Ans. Glaxo Smith Kline

Q12. Which iconic brand was founded by Bennett Cohen and Jerry Greenfield ?

Ans. Ben and Jerry’s icecream

Q13. UPI has led to a rapid growth of mobile payments adoption in India. India now has an approx 20.2 % penetration and is ranked No. 6 in the world. Which country is No. 1 with 39.5 % penetration ?

Ans. China

Q14. Chime saw a huge surge in app downloads in US particularly after the pandemic struck. Chime is a leader in its segment. What business it is in ?

Ans. Neobank

Q15. Established in 2015 by Bill Gates and a coalition of private investors concerned about the impacts of accelerating climate change, _________ Energy supports the innovations that will lead the world to net-zero emissions. Fill in the blank.

Ans. Breakthrough

Q16. This Fintech startup was founded by British Russian Nikolay Storonsky and Ukrainian Vlad Yatesenko in 2015. It offers banking in. GBP and Euro, stock trading ,currency exchange etc. After the recent round of funding in July it is the most valuable startup from UK. Name it.

Ans. Revolut

Q17. Burger King restaurants usually have a cafe serving coffee and other beverages attached to it. What are they called ?

Ans. BK Cafe

Compiled by G.Mohan

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