Weekly Business Quiz # 577


Q1. With which Indian family business group would you associate ‘for-profit’ ventures Delhi Capitals, Bengaluru FC and Haryana Steelers (Kabaddi) and Not for Profit – Inspire Institute of Excellence mainly for Olympics sports ?

Ans. JSW Group of Jindals

Q2. Paradeep Phosphates Ltd, the Odisha based fertilizer mfr started life as a PSU. Later which Indian co took a big stake in it to get management control ?

Ans. Zuari Maroc , a JV between Zuari Agro a KK Birla Group company and Maroc Phosphate of Morocco

Q3. RBI has taken note of the problem of ATMs running out of cash. If any ATM is without cash for X hours at a stretch, the bank will be levied a fine. What is X ?

Ans. 10 hours

Q4. Which Indian group owns the brands of spices and paan masala like Baba,Rajnigandha, Pass Pass , Tulsi, Catch etc ?

Ans. DS Group ( Dharampal Satyapal)

Q5. Which of the southern states announced a cut of Rs 3 in the cess on petrol ?

Ans. Tamil Nadu

Q6. The govt of India announced a green policy under which commercial vehicles have to be scrapped after X no of years If they fail to get a fitness certificate. Vehicle owners will get incentives in road tax and in discount on new vehicle What is X ?

Ans. 15 years

Q7. We have an announcement from a desi snacks mfr for an IPO and is eyeing a 1 Bn $ valuation. Name the company

Ans. Bikaji

Q8. Which biscuit brand is Britannia relaunching after it found out that there was a lot of nostalgia surrounding the brand among people particularly in South India who had grown up eating that biscuit brand 40 years ago ?

Ans. Milk Bikis


Q9. Europe is ahead in the adoption of electric vehicles. Which European country has now the largest network of charging stations ?

Ans. Netherlands

Q10. Which club has signed Lionel Messi at what value after he left Barcelona ?

Ans. Paris St.Germain F.C ( PSG) for approx 40 Million $

Q11. With which country would you associate the international airline ARIANA ?

Ans. Afghanistan

Q12. After an SEC order, Elon Musk ceased to be the Chairman of Tesla 3 years ago. He is now eligible to become the Chairman once again but he wants the current Chairman to continue. Who is the current Chairman of Tesla ?

Ans. Robyn Denholm

Q13. On August 4th this year, Louis Vuitton the designer brand , celebrated the 200th birth anniversary of their founder Louis Vuitton. In what category did Louis Vuitton introduce new designs in 19th Century and is considered his lasting legacy ?

Ans. Trunks

Q14. Here is a quote from Bill Gates. ” Intellectual property has the shelf life of a ______ “. Fill in the blank

Ans. Banana

Q15. This man popularised Sudoku. He passed away recently ..RIP..Name him

Ans. Maki Kaji

Q16. China has added one more to the widely accepted 4 Factors of Production theory of Land, Labour , Capital and Technology. What is the fifth one ?

Ans. Data

Compiled by G.Mohan

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