Weekly Business Quiz # 575


Q1. In order to make REITs and InvITs more accessible for retail investors SEBI has reduced the min application value from the earlier Rs 50,000 for REIT and Rs 1,00,000 for InvIT to a lower level. What is the new range for application value ?

Ans. Rs 10,000-Rs 15000

Q2. Pokarna is one of the fast rising stocks in the last two years. In what business is Pokarna in ?

Ans. Granite exports

Q3. Recently a family owned business group changed its group logo. One of the group companies continues to use the old logo and has raised objection to the fact that it’s name has not been listed in their holding company site. Name the group.

Ans. Kirloskar Group. Kiroloskar Electric continues to use the old logo of Kirloskar

Q4. PM recently launched a digital payments solution aimed at making voucher based payments directly to the beneficiaries. This has been developed by NPCI. What is it called ?

Ans. e-RUPI

Q5. After Sahara got entangled in various legal issues, which state govt came forward to sponsor the national men’s and women’s hockey teams ?

Ans. Odisha

Q6. Which personal vehicle has been launched with the tagline ” Many colours. All green”. ?

Ans. Ola electric scooters

Q7. What is the new name for Magma Fincorp Limited ?

Ans. Poonawalla Fincorp Limited


Q8. Square the digital payments firm promoted by Jack Dorsey has acquired a major ‘buy now pay later’ firm called Afterpay. Afterpay is a fintech firm from which country ?

Ans. Australia

Compiled by G.Mohan

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