Guest Business Quiz # 29

Here is a Business Quiz set from Guest Guest Quiz Master Vikhyat Muthyala*

Q1. With growth in AR hardware tech, this concept of a shared digital reality is coming to fruition – especially for companies like Facebook. What is the name given to this shared digital reality that is experienced through AR tools, and was taken from the Neal Stephenson sci-fi novel ‘Snow Crash’?

Ans: Metaverse

Q2. During the start of the 19th century, champagne was still a murky liquid. It was hard to get rid of the leftover yeast cells. The brutally simple solution that was presented to the champagne world at the time was a process called ‘riddling’. It saved a lot of precious product that would have been wasted under other processes. Which female innovator and entrepreneur from the champagne world is widely credited with creating this method?

Ans: Veuve Clicquot or Barbe Nicole Clicquot née Ponsardin.

Q3. Prohibition in the US in the first half of the 20th century created a new raging demand for moonshine, an illicit home-made liquor. Daring young men would transport this. Their expertise in transporting moonshine and modifying their cars to cope with speed and load would create a ‘need for speed’ in the American South. Which entity did this lead to the founding of, with Big Bill France at the helm?


Q4. Identify the company from this wooden mascot named ‘Vivienne’.


Ans. Louis Vuitton

Q5. This company was the US importer of the Japanese product ‘Tiger’ in the 60s and 70s. They imported these products under the name ‘Blue Ribbon’. How do we know this company better ? What was the reason for the name ‘Blue Ribbon’?

Ans. Nike. The track events that founder Phil Knight won used to give out Blue Ribbons as reward.

Q6. In Japan, this product was a hard sell as consuming this while standing was seen as bad manners. The growth was slow. The Asama-Sanso terrorist incident gave this brand a much needed boost as the policemen on duty were seen consuming it and the images were all over national television. Which Japanese product was this, founded by a man of Taiwanese origin?

Ans. Nissin Cup Noodles.

Q7. The name of this product comes from the Swahili word for ‘build’. It has its origins from the time its inventor was a kid in Africa. What is this product, made popular in India by Funskool?

Ans. Jenga

Q8. ‘A Biography of the Pixel’ is a book that came out in August 2021. It was written to talk about the math and data points behind computer graphics. This author is known to the business world as the cofounder of Pixar. Who is the author of this book?

Ans. : Alvy Ray Smith

Q9. This brand had its origin during the Tokyo Olympics of 1964. Seiko was the timekeeper for the Olympics. It needed an effective way to print out the time results of the events. They invented something to solve this problem and a brand was born from this. Which brand?

Ans. Epson. Electronic Printer.

Q10. Before getting into the business of making the product he is famous for now, this man held proprietary rights to ‘Globe Flower Cough Syrup, Extract of Stillingia, a “blood purifier,” and Sweet Southern Bouquet, a perfume’. Who was this man that studied at the Thomsonian Institute that was then considered to be revolutionary in medicine at the time? What product is he known for?

Ans. John Pemberton and Coca Cola.

Compiled by Guest Quiz Master – Vikhyat Muthyala.

Vikhyat Muthyala is a Podcaster and Quizmaster. His podcast ‘Talking Of Giants’ talks about the fascinating stories of giants of various fields. This set of questions is inspired from Season 1 which deals with brand giants from the world of business.



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