Weekly Business Quiz # 574


Q1. Devyani International is soon going to be launching an IPO. With which well known brands would you associate this company ?

Ans. They are the franchisees for Yum restaurants in India operating Pizza Hut, KFC and Costa Coffee chains.

Q2. Which company has acquired the Unlimited chain of apparel retail stores from Arvind Fashion for approx Rs 150 crore ?

Ans. V-Mart

Q3. Blackbuck is the latest Indian startup to become a unicorn after its recent round of funding. In what business is Blackbuck in ?

Ans. Truck logistics

Q4. Byjus has made a major acquisition in the US called Epic..What services do Epic offer to whom ?

Ans. Reading for K-12 students

Q5. Which Indian promoted social commerce app has been acquired by YouTube recently ?

Ans. SimSim


Q6. Britain retail stores are not able to get or load supplies due to COVID induced ‘Pingdemic’. What is ‘Pingdemic’?

Ans. The retail employees and workmen are being isolated because of rise in COVID cases .. They are being Pinged through an app

Q7. In Chile Nestle has decided to rename its popular Chocolate cookie Negrita as Chokita. Why ?

Ans. It is seen as a racist term because it translates as” a little black person”.

Q8. Jeff Bezos on return from his space flight thanked a set of people. This has not been taken well by media and commentators. Who did he thank ?

Ans. He thanked the customers and employees of Amazon who helped him fund his space dream. This was not taken kindly

Q9. In South Korea they package bananas of different ripeness and sell them as a pack. What do they call these ?

Ans. Haru Hana Banana – One a Day Banana

  • Compiled by G.Mohan

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