Weekly Business Quiz # 560


Q1. Citibank has decided to exit one area of business in India and 12 other markets as a follow up of their business review . Which area ?

Ans. Retail banking

Q2. Whenever there is a surge in COVID cases, the Linde India stock activity goes up. In what business is Linde India in ?

Ans. Industrial gases including Oxygen

Q3. Anil Kapoor , an advertising veteran passed away recently. Amul paid a tribute to him. Which agency did he head ?

Ans. FCB-Ulka


Q4. Vaccine hesitancy is nothing new. Celebrities have been used to persuade people to accept vaccinations. For which vaccine was #ElvisPresley used ?

Elvis Presley

Ans. Polio

Q5. TuSimple Holdings recently raised 1 Bn $ through an IPO. With which company is it developing self-driving trucks ?

Ans. Navistar

Q6. Microsoft has made a large acquisition recently. It has acquired Nuance for $19.7 Bn . In which sector does Nuance have a large presence ?

Ans. Healthcare

Q7. Identify the Hongkong clothing brand in the news

Ans. Chickeeduck

Q8. Name this scamster who ran one of the largest Ponzi scheme in US and was serving a 150 year sentence. He died recently .

Ans. Bernie Madoff

Compiled by G.Mohan

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