Weekly Business Quiz # 561


Q 1. NASSCOM has for the first time elected a lady Chairperson. Who is the current NASSCOM Chairperson ?

Ans. Rekha Menon of Accenture

Q 2. On 7th April, RBI announced a large bond acquisition programme that goes under the acronym G-SAP. Expand it.

Ans. Government Securities Acquisition Programme

Q 3.”We were the first company in the country to start packaging milk in pouches in 1971. Glass bottles were cumbersome to handle because of breakage, losses and recleaning the bottles”. Name this dairy and snacks brand from Pune that is known widely for its unique ‘bhakarwadi’

Ans. Chitale Bandhu


Q4. A European Super League was being planned which will have the biggest football clubs in Europe playing each other. This generated a lot of uproar and clubs one country backed out. The idea of the league fizzled out. Which country’s clubs backed out ?

Ans. England’s clubs first and then most other clubs from other countries backed out.

Q5. Extreme E promotes off road racing in remote locations in the globe. What are unique about the cars ?

Ans. Electric SUVs

Q6. During Ramadan there is a lot of TV watching in the Arab world. Which country is considered the leader in providing entertainment Content in the Arab world ?

Ans. Egypt

Q7. Identify this tech innovator and co-founder of Adobe who passed away yesterday. RIP

Ans. Charles Geschke

This week’s set is a small one. My mind has been distracted by COVID news. Hope all of you are doing well. Stay safe.

Compiled by G.Mohan

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