Weekly Business Quiz # 559


Q 1. During the year 2020-21, thanks to the pandemic, the direct tax collections declined overall in India. Only one Indian city showed a positive growth of 7%. Which one ?

Ans. Bengaluru

Q 2. Which city in India has issused India’s first Green Muni bonds recently ?

Ans. Ghaziabad

Q3. What word has to be added to the fruit juices or fruit nectars where sugar has been added more than 15g per kg of juice as per the new BIS standards ?

Ans. Sweetened

Q4. Which Indian origin business house based in UK with factories in India also is under severe financial stress after the blow up of the Greensill Financial ?

Ans. GFG group of Sanjeev Gupta. Earlier called Liberty House

Q5. Amidst the rising tide of COVID-19 cases in India, there is a clamour for opening up vaccination for all. There are supply constraints. What is the approx production levels of Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech in doses per month ?

Ans. 60 Mn for SII and 5 Mn for BB

Q6. How do we better know Macrotech Developers which is now in the primary market with an IPO ?


Q7. As per J C Chaudhary of Aakash Institutes, when they received an offer from Byju’s for 1 Bn $, what piece of information made him decide that Byju’s would be good for Aakash ?

Ans. As a long practicing numerologist JC Chaudhary analysed Byju Raveendran’s name and decided it would be a good fit with Aakash


Q8. What is the name of the app being tested by Facebook that is a hybrid of Instagram Live and Clubhouse ?

Ans. Hotline

Q9. One of the long standing contributions of Prince Philip was the institution of Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Who or what are the Duke of Edinburgh Awards ?

Ans. They are awards for the development of life skills and adventure skills among youth

Q 10. In blockchains , what is a ‘Gas fee’ ? Popularly used in Ethereum .

Ans. A transaction fee in a cryptocurrency transaction. A fee charged for the energy cost for computing and placing the transaction data in distributed ledgers

Compiled by G.Mohan

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