Weekly Business Quiz # 557


Q 1. _______ , founded by Kasturbhai Lalbhai in 1947, was the first private sector company of Independent India to be inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru. Fill in the the blank

Ans. Atul Ltd

Q2. Dr KC Chakraborty passed away yesterday. RIP. Before retiring as the Dy Governor of RBI he was Chairman of two PSBs. Name them.

Ans. Indian Bank and later Punjab National Bank

Q3. Govt proposes to allow the expenditure on vaccination of employees as a part of CSR budget under certain conditions. What are the conditions ?

Ans. It can be included as CSR if employees and families become part of a larger community initiative

Q4. Mumbai airport has suffered due to the drop in traffic due to COVID more than other airports. Which airport will become no 2 in terms of traffic during the year 2020-21 as per AAI data ?

Ans. Bengaluru

Q5. What is the name proposed for the new Development Finance Institution being promoted by the govt for financing infrastructure projects ?

Ans. National Bank for Financing Infrastructure and Development

Q6. Who is the Chairperson of the Board of Governors of IIM – Calcutta ? He held top positions in Panasonic India and is also great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. Now in the eye of the storm over which IIMC Director Anju Seth has resigned

Ans. Shrikrishna Kulkarni

Q7. Which Indian pharma co is the manufacturing partner for the single dose J&J COVID vaccine ?

Ans. Biological E Ltd.


Q8. Philips has sold its domestic appliances business to concentrate on its healthcare business. Philips brand will continue to be used by the new buyer. Who is the buyer ?

Ans. Hillhouse Capital

Q9. Inchcape Shipping is in the news over the Suez Canal Ever Given ship crisis. It is helping to move the stuck ship. Inchcape traces its origin to Calcutta, India 1847. What was the original name of the general merchanting partnership formed after two Scots met in Calcutta ?

Ans. Mackinnon and Mackenzie

Q 10. Why is this container vessel Ever Given in the news ?

Ans. This vessel has blocked the canal leading to the disruption in free flow of ships in this important shipping route.

Q 11. This is the new logo of which old company and what is it now called?

Ans. Reckitt , the new shortened name for Reckitt Benckiser

Q 12. What event triggered the 15% drop in the value of Turkish Lira recently ?

Ans. Erdogan sacked the Central Bank Chief

Compiled by G.Mohan

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