Weekly Business Quiz # 556


Q1. Identify this former civil servant who among many other positions was SEBI Chairman in the 90s and saw it transform from an administrative body to a statutory one. He passed away recently.

Ans. GV Ramakrishna

Q2. Who will be acquiring the sick company Nagarjuna Oil Corp which has a refinery and petrochemical facility in Cuddalore TN ?

The Chatterjee Group through Haldia Petrochemicals

Q3. This model turned actress did a few ads before doing the only film where she played the lead role opposite Shahrukh Khan. Now she is married to billionaire businessman Vikas Oberoi, the CMD of Oberoi Realty. Name her.

Ans. Gayatri Joshi

Q4. In what product categories have the new gen FMCG start-up Habbit launched products ?

Ans. Icecream, Milkshakes and Protein whey

Q5. Name the company founded by Mira Kulkarni..Now her son Samrath Bedi as the MD is scaling it up. This cosmetics co has investors like Estee Lauder

Ans Forest Essentials

Q6. Which group has ventured into a retail chain of pre-owned cars under the name ‘The Car Collective’ ?

Ans. Jubilant Group owned by Bhartias

Q7. Eknath Solkar used to endorse Phlllips bicycle. Which company used to market Phillips bicycle in India ? Clue : Not Philips the light and appliances co.

Ans. TI Cycles

Q8. What are the new items to be included in ban of use of single use plastic by the govt that may trigger an increased demand for paper ?

Ans. Icecream wrappers, cellophane covers for chocolates and sweet boxes

Q9. One of the largest revenue earning apps for the gaming co Nazara technologies is a gamified e-learning app for kids. Name it.

Ans. Kiddopia

Q10. In support of Pratap Bhanu Mehta, who has also resigned as a Professor from Ashoka University ? He was heading the Economics policy centre.

Ans. Arvind Subramanian

Q11. Umang Kulkarni and Chandrashekhar Sohoni conceived the app Newshunt. Later Umang and his partner sold it to X . X renamed the app as Y. After a few years Z joined the company as CEO and after 2 years got elevated as Co-Founder. Identify X, Y and Z

Ans. X- Viru Gupta, Y- Dailyhunt, Z- Umang Bedi

Q 12. Tata Salt is the market leader with a 23% market share. That is fairly well-known. Which brand is No 2 in the organised salt market ? Clue : The No 2 brand is well known for some other product but there it is not even in Top 3 now.

Ans. Nirma

Q 13. In which city is the Regd and Corporate Office of Kalyan Jewellers the multi-city jewellery chain now in the market with an IPO ?

Ans. Thrissur

Q 14. The Nestle India boss Suresh Narayanan talks about 5 Ps that guide their company. These 5Ps are different from the well knwon 4Ps of Marketing. Name them.

Ans. People, purpose, partnerships, planet, and performance


Q15. Which popular and always in the news US company now has redesignated their CEO as Technoking and CFO as Master of Coin ?

Ans. Tesla

Q 16. These are a German couple of Turkish origin. They started their company one year before their marriage. He is the CEO and she is the Chief Medical Officer. With which company would you associate this billionaire couple ?

Ans. BioNTech

Q17. Recently this rare porcelain cup belonging to the 140Os China was found in a Connecticut yard sale for 35 $. This was later auctioned by Sotheby’s . What price did it get in the auction ?

Ans. Over USD 700,000

Q18. Which major US asset management company has approved investment in Bitcoins for their high net worth clients ?

Ans. Morgan Stanley

Q 19. Which Chinese digital major owns the Chinese movie streaming service iQiyi ?

Ans. Baidu

Q 20. If the Japanese co Sony is in Electronics, in which industry is Chinese co Sany in ?

Ans. Construction equipment

Q 21. What document proof is the European Union introducing to boost tourism in the midst of the pandemic ?

Ans. Vaccine passport

Q 22. What agency was formed in US in response to criticism of controversial video games with excessively violent or sexual content, particularly after the 1993 congressional hearings following the releases of Mortal Kombat and Night Trap for home consoles and Doom for home computers?

Ans. Entertainment Software Rating Board

Q 23. World Happiness Day was celebrated a couple of days back. A special report was brought out by UN based on a survey in 2020 after COVID hit the world. Which country was ranked no 1 and which was ranked the last of the 149 countries ?

Ans. Finland No 1 and Afghanistan last

Q 24. When sushi restaurant chain Akindo Sushiro in Taiwan said anyone with the Chinese characters that means ‘salmon’ in their name could get free food for themselves and five friends, the offer was a big success. What did the customers do to avail the offer ?

Ans. Changed their names to include ‘salmon’ in their name. As per Taiwanese law they can change names 3 times

Compiled by G.Mohan

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