Weekly Business Quiz # 555


Q1. In what business is Assam political leader and head of AIUDF Badruddin Ajmal in ? His business has a chain of 270 outlets in UAE with HQ in Dubai.

Ans. Perfumes

Q2. Why are the mutual funds worried about the new guidelines issued by SEBI for valuation of perpetual bonds in debt funds portfolios ?

Ans. The perpetual bonds will be valued as having a 100 year maturity rather than the put date which is earlier and is taken by the find manager based on the fund maturity profile. This will lead to mark to Market losses

Q3. In a bid to be inclusive, what word has Unilever decided to be removed from all beauty products ?

Ans. The word ‘Normal’


Q4. In the US there is a SPAC mania of sorts. SPAC as a concept has been around for 20 years. But it has suddenly become mainstream and popular. SPAC watchers say that it gained credibility with a SPAC floated by @chamath’s Social Capital Which company did this SPAC buy into ?

Ans. Virgin Galactic

Q5. On International Women’s Day Burger King tweeted this. This enraged a lot of customers vowing never to eat at BK. What was the intent behind BK’s tweet but led to this communication failure ?

Ans. To increase the presence of women chefs in the restaurant industry

Q6. Microsoft’s deal to acquire Zenimax for US 7.5 Bn $ has been approved by EU. In which business is Zenimax in?

Ans. Electronic games

Q7. Lou Ottens a Dutch inventor passed away recently. As head of product development in which company did he invent compact music cassettes and compact discs ?

Ans. Philips

Q8. What is the official name of the US stimulus package of 1.9 T $ signed by President Biden on March 11th ?

Ans. American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Q9. Which popular and always in the news US company now has redesignated their CEO as Technoking and CFO as Master of Coin ?

Ans. Tesla

Q10. Which Swedish company is in the eye of the storm over corruption charges in Indian govt’s transport ministry ?

Ans. Scania

Q11. Recently an American digital artist Mike Winkelman’s digital art of a collage of his own 5000 works were auctioned by Christie’s for a whopping US $ 69 Mn. The art is a JPEG file that can be copied. What technology has been used to identify the original from the copy ?

Ans. Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) that is based on blockchain technology

Compiled by G.Mohan

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