Weekly Business Quiz # 552


Q1. Blending fuels to reduce carbon emissions and cutting costs is catching up fast. What is blended with natural gas to reduce carbon emissions ? This is being done by IndianOil in India also for CNG

Ans. Hydrogen

Q2. Under which brand name is Marico launching instant noodles in direct competition to Maggi ?

Ans. Saffola

Q3. Boya , A Chinese manufacturer has alerted several ecommerce marketplaces in India that three dozen vendors are selling their fakes. What products are made by Boya?

Ans. Microphones and other accessories

Q4. Which cement major has developed Kawach a water repellent cement that also reduces carbon emissions by 33% that was launched online due to the pandemic ?

Ans. Ambuja Cements

Q5. With which NBFC is KKR India Financial Services going for an all-stock merger ?

Ans. InCred in which Anshu Jain , formerly of Deutsche Bank is one of the promoters

Q6. In which location has BITS opened a BITS School of Management (Bitsom) , a new Business School with a huge investment ?

Ans. Mumbai

Q7. Name this Indian name sounding company founded by Israelis Bilik (Billy) Hrvoye and Nafea Bshara to design chips. This company was acquired by Amazon. This startup actually helped AWS get ahead of Google and Microsoft in IaaS. Now they threaten Intel and AMD with Graviton2.

Ans. Annapurna labs

Q8. Who is the current Chairman of the IT industry body NASSCOM ?

Ans. Pravin Rao , COO of Infosys

Q9. Name this startup promoted by Shashank Murali and others that provides a platform for students to connect with 1000s of senior executives including CEOs for career advice. This has recently been acquired by Unacademy.



Q10.Which country has recently relaxed the law that banned eating lunch at the desks ? This law was in place to promote team spirit but is not practical during the pandemic, so has been temporarily relaxed.

Ans. France

Q11. TCFD, NGFS, SBTi etc are all different initiatives that provide the framework to assess the impact of _____ on future enterprise value . Fill in the blank

Ans. Climate Change

Q12. What is the term used by Bill Gates in his latest book for the extra cost or investment required to choose a technology or alternative that is less polluting and more appropriate to fight climate change ?

Ans. Green Premium

Q13. Adidas ever since it acquired Reebok in 2006 has been trying to turn it around. As a part of its 5 year plan what does Adidas plan ?

Ans. Demerge and sell Reebok

Q14. Which car company owns and operates the Electrify America electric vehicles charging network comprising over 2200 electric charging units in 500 charging locations across length and breadth of USA

Ans. Volkswagen USA..This initiative was in response to the penalties and bad press the company got after the diesel emission scandal.

Q15. Rechapados Ferrer a Barcelona based Chess Board maker started seeing a flood of orders. It has doubled its business between 2020 and is booked for 2021. Now new orders will be delivered only in 2022. This boom is linked to which Netflix series ?

Ans. Queen’s Gambit

Q16. Which company owns the brand Poco , which markets mobile phones at affordable prices with market leading specifications ?

Ans. Xiaomi

Q17. Henry Ford was the first businessman to announce a 5 day week in Ford Motors in 1926. What was the main reason he said was behind this rather groundbreaking move ?

Ans. Henry Ford believed that workers need time for recreation and it would boost consumption

Q18. Which company that had got the dubious rank of No 1 plastic polluter by Break Free from Plastic is now experimenting with paper bottles as a part of its ‘World Without Waste’ strategy?

Ans. Coca Cola

Q19. Name this Direct to Consumer brand popular among techies in Silicon Valley. The company is a certified B Corp which means the board has to report regularly on their impact on society and environment. This shoe is made of wool, sugar cane and castor seed and sells at 95$


Compiled by G.Mohan

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