Weekly Business Quiz # 551


Q 1. Who has been appointed as the next CEO of Tata Motors ?

Ans. Marc Llistosella

Q2. Name the messenger/social media app by Bengaluru based Bombinate Technologies that is being promoted as an Indian equivalent of Twitter? Many ministers have also opened an account here.

Answer. Koo App

Q3. In which NBFC have the Poonawalla family acquired a controlling stake and will be renaming it Poonawalla Finance ?

Answer.Magma Fincorp

Q4. HCL Technologies have announced a liberal one time bonus for all employees who have completed 1 year of service with the company. They will receive 10 days salary as bonus. What is the occasion being celebrated ?

Ans. 10 Billion $ revenue

Q5. Virescent Infrastructure floated by KKR has got an approval for an InvIT from SEBI. What first of its kind assets will be bundled in this Infrastructure Investment Trust ?

Ans. Renewable energy

Q6. Which Bollywood director will direct the biopic of Ramalinga Raju based on Kingshuk Nag’s book ?

Nagesh Kukunoor

Q7. One of the provisions in the budget that is aimed at reducing pollution and giving a boost to the auto sector is the vehicle scrappage policy. After what age , commercial and personal, vehicles have to undergo automated fitness tests to avoid scrapping?

Ans. 15 for commercial and 20 for personal


Q8. Identify this businessman publisher who passed away yesterday. Name his publication .

Ans. Larry Flynt.. Hustler

Q9. Whitney Wolfe Herd is the youngest woman self-made billionaire at 31. She is also the youngest woman CEO to make a successful IPO. This former employee of Tinder, created a dating site where only woman can approach first. Which dating site does she head?

Ans. Bumble

Compiled by G.Mohan

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