Weekly Business Quiz # 553


Q 1. The Rajya Sabha TV and the Lok Sabha TV channels have been merged. What is the new name for this channel ?

Ans. Sansad TV

Q2. Identify this eminent Hindi poet and film lyricist who among his other achievements also revived AIR by launching Vividh Bharati.

Ans. Pt Narendra Sharma

Q3.What privacy feature that is standard currently in messaging platforms like Whatsapp may be discontinued in India due to govt requirements ?

Ans. End to end encryption

Q4. In cyber-security lingo, what is a zero-day exploit or vulnerability ?

Ans. Zero day vulnerabilities are those holes or bugs that are found by hackers in just launched important software or OS. These hackers then sell them to zero day brokers. Brokers sell them to govts or cyber criminals whoever gives them more. Govts use it for espionage

Q5. Modern Foods, the company that makes Modern Breads has changed hands once again. Everstone has sold it to a Mexico based company that claims to be world’s largest bakery company with operations in 33 countries. It had entered India earlier by acquiring Harvest Gold . Name it

Ans.Grupo Bimbo

Q6. ReNew Power instead of doing an IPO has merged into a US based company called RMG Acquisition Corp II. These kind of shell companies are a growing trend of avoiding IPO long winding process. What are these kind of companies called ?

Ans. SPAC – special purpose acquisition company

Q7. On March 31, GAIL will move out of NSE-50 (Nifty). Which company will replace it ?

Ans. Tata Consumer

Q8. After the budget, the bond yields have climbed by 20 odd basis points on an average in 3, 5 and 10 year govt bonds. This is leading to MTM losses in books of banks. What is MTM and explain how it works

Ans. MTM stands for Mark to Market. When bond yields go up, the bonds in the banks books value will have to be reduced , even if there is no trade done.


Q9. Name this system used for controlling carbon emissions and other atmospheric pollution by which an upper limit is set on the amount a given business or other orgn may produce but which allows further capacity to be bought from other orgs. that have not used their full allowance

Ans. The system is called Cap and Trade..Carbon credits is the most popular application of this system

Q10. COVAX is a global initiative to distribute COVID vaccines free across the world so that the poor countries also get access to the vaccines. Which country is the first to get vaccines under COVAX ?

Ans. Ghana

Q11. YouTube is rolling out new accounts for Tweens where they can explore video streaming within boundaries set by their parents. What age group is considered to be ‘Tweens’ ?

Ans. 9-12 year olds

Q12. After Pfizer and Moderna which COVID vaccine has been approved by US ? This vaccine requires a single dose only

Ans. Johnson and Johnson

Q13. Which country has the world’s largest offshore wind facility coming up at Dogger Bank ?

Ans. UK

Q14. Sports card and other memorabilia have a vibrant market. Recently a 1997 sports card with Michael Jordan’s authentic signature was auctioned. At what price was this card sold in February 2021 ?

Ans. 1.44 Mn $ approx

Q15. In which country the Supreme Court has ruled that drivers of cabs in aggregator services like Uber are employees and not contractors hence eligible for leave, insurance etc ?

Ans. UK

Q16. Identify this inner and leisure wear brand from Los Angeles targetted at Gen Y and Millennials that uses a subscription model for selling underwear directly to consumers. It uses social media heavily for promoting itself. It has grown very fast in the pandemic.

Ans. MeUndies

Q17. United Airlines had a mishap in the Denver Honolulu flight when the engine caught fire and the debris started falling. This has led to grounding of one model of plane by many airlines. Which model and engine were involved in this ?

Ans. Boeing 777..Pratt and Whitney engines

Compiled by G.Mohan

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