Weekly Business Quiz # 550


Q1. I am an IIM-A alumnus who grew in Citibank in Asia Pac. I was supposed to join HDFC Bank in 1994. But I skipped and later joined DBS Bank in Singapore. I have led this bank for the last 11 years. I have been named Global Indian of the year by ET. Who am I ?

Ans. Piyush Gupta

Q2. Gujarat govt has cancelled 700MW of solar power tenders after awarding letters of award to many cos. This has created a crisis of sorts in the renewable energy sector. What is the reason cited by Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam for cancelling the tenders?

Ans. The recent rates received are lower than the earlier rates recd in 2018

Q3. The FM announced the creation of a Development FI in this year’s budget tentatively called NaBFiD. This will be created from an existing FI , that will invest from its authorised capital. Which one ?

Answer. India Infrastructure Finance Co Ltd ( IIFCL)

Q4. Which is the No 1 UPI app currently in India on the basis of number of transactions ?

Answer. PhonePe

Q5. Indian govt has planned to build cold storages and warehouses along the 10 rail routes through which fruits and vegetables are transported across the length and breadth of the country. What are these routes called colloquially?

Answer. Kisan routes

Q6. Soon after she was married, _______ left Mumbai and moved to a farm in Bangalore. There she started Good Earth Foods and launched  a brand called  Farm House Cereal. She later sold this to Avesthagen. Name this Bollywood actor.

Answer. Waheeda Rehman

Q7. Supreme Court has directed Franklin Templeton to repay the amounts collected so far to the unitholders of their 6 debt schemes that were closed in April 2020 abruptly. Which Mutual Fund has been given the responsibility of carrying out the distribution process?

Answer. SBI Mutual Fund

Q8.Which Indian FMCG co has acquired the healthy cereals company Soulfull ?

Answer. Tata Consumer

Q9. The govt in its budget has announced a large capital expenditure plan. This will be funded by a higher disinvestment of PSUs. In the ongoing financial year till date how much has the govt of India raised by way of disinvestment ? The target was Rs 2.1 lk crore

Ans. Rs 19.500 crore


Q10. Mario Draghi has been invited to become the Premier of the Italian govt. Which important position had he held before ?

Ans. President of the European Central Bank

Q11. Identify this car maker that is inspired by Tesla not just in its logo

Answer. Nio the Chinese electric car maker

Q 12. Which tech major has said that it supports the News Media Bargaining Code by which digital platforms have to share their revenue with the newspapers ? This is seen in response to Google’s threat to quit Australia

Ans. Microsoft

Q 13. As per Morningconsult a US based market research firm , Video Conferencing, Streaming and E-commerce brands grew fast in 2020. Zoom was the fastest. Peacock is the second one in terms of growth in consumer name recognition. Which company’s streaming service is Peacock?

Answer. NBC universal

Q14. Name this programming language that is being hailed as the most loved one by the developers. It was developed as a side project at Mozilla by Graydon More. Now a non-profit funded by Tech majors like Google, Microsoft, Huawei,AWS and Mozilla will support it.

Ans. Rust

Q15. Jenggot village in Indonesia recently had the streets with blood-red flood causing alarm. But the alarm was misplaced. What had caused the water to turn blood-red?

Ans. Batik dyes getting leaked from home industries

Q16. Connect this meme to a cryptocurrency that was created in 2013 and now being widely traded

Answer. Dogecoin

Q17. When F1 changed its logo in 2017 to the one given below it had to fight a legal case with another company that had a similar logo. Which company owned the Futuro brand and logo?

Answer. 3M

Q18. Dot McCarthy of Lancashire started renting out a few animals to appear in Zoom meetings just as a joke. This became a trend and she made 50,000 £ through this service. What animals did she rent out ?

Answer. Goats

Q19. Name this drug lord who was arrested recently in the Netherlands on the basis of an Australian warrant. This Canadian born Chinese was one of the most wanted men in Asia. He ran a drug syndicate that ran a 70 Bn $ drug business across Asia Pacific under the name of ‘The Company’

Answer. Tse Chi Lop

Q20. Ngozi Iweala is likely to be the first African and first woman to head a multi-lateral world organisation. Which one?

Answer. WTO

Q21. Jeff Bezos has named Andy Jassy as the CEO of Amazon . Which division of Amazon is Andy Jassy heading currently ?

Ans. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Compiled by G.Mohan

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