Weekly Business Quiz # 547


Q 1. Policybazaaar is the first unicorn in the online insurance space from India. Another insurance startup has got unicorn status and has become the first unicorn of 2021. Name it.

Ans. Digit

Q2. Sharu Rangnekar was India’s own Management Guru. He authored several books. He was known for his earthy wisdom and great sense of humour. Some of his books had cartoons by his classmate R K Laxman. He left his corporate career at 50 as MD of a company. Name it.

Sharu Rangnekar

Ans. Searle India Ltd, now known as RPG Life Sciences

Q 3. When Maggi found that their 70g packs were too less for some customers and 2 packets were too much, they introduced an intermediate pack of 105 g. What was the extension given to this variant ?

Maggi Hungroo

Ans. Maggi Hungroo

Q4. Identify this former IAS officer who was considered the force behind Infrastructure PPPs and Central Electricity Act 2003. He also saved large amounts of govt money in projects like Enron. He passed away recently

Gajendra Haldea

Ans. Gajendra Haldea

Q5. The leaked Whatsapp chat transcript between Partho Dasgupta, former CEO of BARC and Arnab Goswami is occupying headlines now. In which organisation were Partho and Arnab colleagues ?

Ans. Times of India group

Q6. On 16th January, COVID vaccination drive started in India with COVISHIELD reaching all states and CoVAXIN in 12 states. Some centres reported that the app Co-WIN was slow and had glitches. Co-WIN is a specialised version of an existing software. Name it

Ans. e-VIn ( Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network)

Q7. Identify the PSU from its logo. Its IPO is opening this week.


Ans. IRFC ( Indian Railway Finance Corporation)

Q8. Under which brand name does Tata Consumer Products market its Ready-to-Cook mixes for Indian food like idli, dosa, pakoda, khichdi, chhila etc ?

Ans. Tata Sampann

Q9. Myadam Kishan Rao was a home grown entrepreneur from Hyderbad.. He was associated with the biscuits co X and after a split with his brother , he went on to start another foods co Y. He managed Y till his last day. He passed away yesterday. What are X and Y ?

Ans. X- Ampro Products Y- Bambino

Q 10. Hemant Ghai and his family members have been found to take positions in the stocks Hemant was recommending in his show. SEBI has passed an interim order against them. In which channel was Hemant Ghai doing shows related to stock tips ?

Ans. CNBC Awaaz

Q 11. How is the Kerala government helping the local cinema exhibitors to revive their businesses after the pandemic hit them hard ?

Ans. Entertainment Tax has been waived till March and electricity and other statutory charges levied by govt has been reduced

Q 12. Serum Institute has given Covishield , the COVID-19 vaccine, at a discounted price of Rs 200 per dose to Govt of India. At what price will it be sold in the private market as per SII’s Adar Poonawalla ?

Ans. Rs 1000

Q 13. A Hyderabad based start-up The Taste Company has launched Ready to eat food , both breakfast and meals. It is the first to enter the Non-veg ready-to-eat meals. This is floated by serial entrepreneur Raju Vanapala. What was his earlier successful service that was popular briefly?

The Taste Company

Ans. Way2SMS a bulk SMS service

Q 14. Name the legendary designer/painter who painted some of the iconic film posters in 1970s and 1980s. He passed away recently

Ans. Diwakar Karkare also known as Studio Diwakar

Q 15. Identify this restaurateur turned fashion designer..He was known for his contemporary saree designs. Two years back he sold majority stake in his eponymous company to Reliance Brands. Known for his spiritual approach, he passed away at Isha Yoga centre at Coimbatore recently.

Ans. Satya Paul

Q 16. SBI has the largest number of rural branches in India. Among private banks which bank has the largest number of rural branches ?

Ans. Bandhan Bank

Q 17. What is the value of gems or jewellery or any gold, silver items above which KYC is required as per Govt of India, Ministry of Finance guidelines?

Ans. Rs 2 lakhs


Q 18. Global automotive players and Tier-I suppliers are increasingly adopting “China Plus One” model. What is this model ?

Ans. Another manufacturing facility in addition to China so as to reduce the China risk due to the Trade Wars

Q 19. She is the Legal and Policy head at Twitter who enforced the decision to permanently remove Donald Trump account from Twitter . Name her

Ans. Vijaya Gadde

Q 20. Onlyfans is niche social media platform only 4 years old , it is growing rapidly and is already profitable. After the pandemic struck it has been doing even better. What is the business model of this UK based site ?

Ans. It is a social media where content creators can put content behind paywall for their fans..80% goes to the creators and 20% is commission for the site..Popular among porn stars but others also use it.

Q 21. The identical twins Barclay brothers were identical even in their dress. They did business together. Death has separated them. David Barclay passed away 2 days back. Which well known British newspaper did the billionaire own?

Ans. The Daily Telegraph

Barclay Brothers

Q 22. The CEO of which MNC has recently declared that the employees of the company are unlikely to ever go back to working 5 days a week from office even after the pandemic fully recedes?

Ans. Unilever

Q 23. On 15th January, Wikipedia celebrated its 20th anniversary. As per Jimmy Wales, its founder Wikipedia has grown big with 55 Million articles..But it’s principles remain the same. What game popular among geeks is being promoted by Wikipedia during the lockdowns ?

Ans. Werewolf

Compiled by G.Mohan

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