Weekly Business Quiz # 548


Q1. Identify this man, also known as the Gear man of Coimbatore..He promoted Shanthi Gears which he sold to TI Group after running it for four decades. After selling he ran Shanthi Social Service,an NGO. He has been awarded Padmashri this year posthumously

Ans. P.Subramanian

Q2. Which company that owns the consumer and kitchen appliances brands Pigeon and Gilma is currently in the capital markets with an IPO ?

Ans. Stove Kraft

Q3. The Union Budget to be presented on February 1 will not be printed this year . It will be in digital form only. Every year there is a halwa ceremony held when budget document goes for printing. This year the halwa ceremony was not held due to COVID

Ans. False

Q4. A 700MW unit at Kakrapar Atomic Power Project was synchronised recently. This is India’s largest capacity Indian nuclear reactor. In which state is Kakrapar ?

Ans. Gujarat, near Surat

Q5. Which Indian company has been awarded a Rs 2211 crore tender for design , development of Vande Bharat trains after the govt rejected the earlier winner because it was a Chinese company ?

Ans, Medha Servo Drvies

Q6. Which Indian company has made an announcement that it is making an entry into the paints business with a large investment as a part of its diversification plan?

Ans. Grasim

Q7. V Narayanan a widely respected business leader passed away yesterday. A marketing veteran he went on to be the CMD of a well known consumer products company X in the 1990s..The company X was later merged with Y. Identify X and Y

Ans. X- Pond;s India Ltd Y- HLL

Q8. Identify this politician, businessman, cricket administrator who passed away recently. His family was in the construction business and ran Gannon Dunkerley. Until his death he was the Chairman of the World Trade Center in Mumbai.

Ans. Kamal Morarka

Q9. Shyam Srinivasan has been selected as the Business Standard banker for the year 2019-20. Which bank is he CEO of ?

Ans. Federal Bank

Q10. I am delighted to inform that on the day BSE Sensex crossed 50,000 for the first time , the person who coined the term Sensex for the BSE Sensitive Index has started following this handle. Most market watchers would know ..Name him.

Ans. Deepak Mohoni

Q 11. Aishwarya Rai has invested Rs 5Cr in this startup..In which sector does this operate ?

Ans. Health Tech.. It was called Truweight Wellness

Q 12. “I wasn’t looking to start one; it started out as a joke.” What did IIT engineer Hemant Jalan start in 2000 while he was running his family’s chemicals company in Jharkhand ?

Ans. Indigo Paints

Q 13. Identify this person, who is in the eye of the storm after the faculty of IIM Calcutta have complained against her to MHRD

Ans. Anju Seth

Q 14. A new Mutual Fund Asset Management Co has come up. It was earlier running Portfolio Mgmt Schemes for PF Trusts. It is having its first NFO with a debt scheme. Name it.

Ans. Trust Mutual Fund


Q15. Which well known apparel brands are owned by the US-based Kontoor brands ?

Ans. Lee and Wrangler

Q16. After the inauguration , Bernie Sanders photo and memes around it went viral. Cashing in on this popularity Bernie’s team is selling jackets and mittens ..These are called ‘merch’ in US lingo..What is ‘merch’ ?

Ans. Merchandise

Q17. In which country Electric car sales exceeded all other car sales in the year 2020, an indication of things to come ?

Ans. Norway

Q18. Elon Musk has announced a 100 Million $ prize for best technology towards a particular problem. What technology has he named ?

Ans. Carbon Capture Technology

Q 19. Why has Alphabet decided to shut the Loon project that was aimed at providing internet connectivity in remote areas ?

Ans. Not a viable Business Model

Q20, Greg Chappell wrote an angry column urging the Cricket Australia to invest in development of cricket there saying Cricket Australia “cannot be making 1960s ____ in the age of electric cars.”.Fill in the blank with a vintage Australian car brand

Ans. Holdens

Q 21 She has been nominated as the Treasury Secretary of US..First woman to hold this position in history. She was former Fed Reserve Chief. Name her.

Ans. Janet Yellen

Q 22. Why has there been surge in demand for jackets and clothing of well known delivery companies in Netherlands leading to some sites even freezing their sales?

Ans. In Netherlands, during COVID late nght curfews delivery boys are allowed to move out.

Compiled by G.Mohan

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