Weekly Business Quiz # 546


Q 1. Identify this restaurateur turned fashion designer..He was known for his contemporary saree designs. Two years back he sold majority stake in his eponymous company to Reliance Brands. Known for his spiritual approach, he passed away at Isha Yoga centre at Coimbatore recently.

Ans. Satya Paul

Q 2. SBI has the largest number of rural branches in India. Among private banks which bank has the largest number of rural branches ?

Ans. Bandhan Bank

Q3. What is the value of gems or jewellery or any gold, silver items above which KYC is required as per Govt of India, Ministry of Finance guidelines

Ans. Rs 2 lakhs

Q4. Which Indian unicorn has set up a Non-profit called Rainmatter Climate Foundation with funding of 100 Mn $ to fund climate change entrepreneurs?

Ans. Zerodha

Q5. What unique record will Air India pilot Captain Zoya Agarwal accomplish when she completes her SanFracisco Bangalore flight today?

Ans. First all woman team to do a long distance flight circling the North Pole.

Q6. Solika Energy has created a compressed bio-gas facility in the outskirts of Hyderabad. What first of its kind input it will use to generate gas that will be distributed through Indian oil outlets ?

Ans. Poultry litter

Q7. Sebamed has taken on HUL with this attacking competitive advertising…Just like Unilever Sebamed has European origins. To which country does Sebamed belong?

Ans. Germany

Q8. Dixon Technologies today is one of the hottest scrips in the stock market. It is now a large contract mfr of electronics incl TVs..It is promoted by a family that had a big brand in B&W TVs in 1970s-1980s. In fact Dixon was regd as ___ Utilities Ltd. Fill in the blank with brand.

Ans. Weston

Q9. PM last month visited 3 COVID vaccine mfg units in India. 2 of them have now got Emergency Approval and 3rd one is in Phase III trials. Which is the one still in trials?

Ans. Zydus Cadila


Q 10. Which country issued this currency note of One Hundred Trillion Dollars because of hyperinflation?

Ans. Zimbabwe

Q 11. With which Formula 1 team has Cognizant got associated as its title and technology partner for the next 10 years?

Ans. Aston Martin

Q 12. Which tech major is backing WeWalk a startup that bringing in high technology for people for limited or no vision?

Ans. Microsoft

Q 13. Amazon had started an air shipping division four years ago to have better control of deliveries. They started with leased planes, in 2020, they have started buying planes. Recently they bout 11 planes from two airlines. Which two airlines?

Ans. Delta Airlines and WestJet Airlines

Q 14. What critical requirement that has changed dramatically with the pandemic has forced Microsoft to announce withdrawal of its game Minecraft Earth from June this year?

Ans. Free movement and collaborative play was one of the key requirement, this got severely restricted .

Q 15. At a time when countries are vying with each other to get supplies of COVID vaccines, which country has banned import of vaccines made by US, UK companies?

Ans. Iran

Q16. Identify the app from its logo and why is it in the news

Ans. Parler

Q17. At a time when the COVID cases are rising fast in UK, BBC is taking addl precautions to protect their employees who have to attend office due to the nature of their work. What measure is being taken to maintain social distance in BBC offices ?

Ans. A pager like electronic buzzer that will alert when the norm is breached.

Q18. Global automotive players and Tier-I suppliers are increasingly adopting “China Plus One” model. What is this model ?

Ans. One factory outside China to de-risk US-China trade wars

Q19. What was unique about the watch introduced by Hamilton Watch Co, PA, USA in January 1957 ?

Ans. First Electric Watch

Q 20. Which was the world’s first full length animation feature film that made Disney a major film producer ?

Ans. Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs

Q21. What is Operation Warp Speed?

Ans. A U.S. Government private-public partnership for the development and distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines and allied areas

Q22. Ali Haberstroh a social media manager used the pandemic to create a web-site and a directory of local businesses in Vancouver Canada which has expanded to other cities. It has now 4000 local businesses listed that can compete with the big retailers . What is it called?

Ans. Not-Amazon

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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