Weekly Business Quiz # 545


Q 1. PM last month visited 3 COVID vaccine mfg units in India. 2 of them have now got Emergency Use Approval and 3rd one is in Phase III trials. Which is the one still in trials?

Ans. Zydus Cadila

Q2. In a recent SEBI Order : “In view of the foregoing, I find that Noticee-2 is deliberately trying to shift the blame of manipulative trades by RIL on the said two officers. I am of the view that Noticee- 2 , being the Managing Director of the RIL, cannot absolve himself and plead ignorance” Who is Noticee- 2 ?

Ans. Mukesh Ambani

Q3. Xism is the basis of modern economic and social systems in industrialized, standardized mass production and mass consumption. The concept is named for Henry. X. It is used in social, economic, and management theory. What is X?

Ans. Ford, coming from Henry Ford

Q4. She has taken over as the Chairman of SAIL. First lady to occupy this important position. Name her.

Soma Mondal

Ans. Soma Mondal

Q5. Identify this journalist..She is India’s Suze Orman..Simplifying personal finance through her books, Columns, podcasts and TV appearances. Now in news as she has quit her editor’s position in The Mint.

Monika Halan

Ans. Monika Halan

Q6. What stake and valuation has Jubilant Foodworks acquired in Indian casual dining chain Barbeque Nation?

Ans. 10.9 % at Rs 92 crore approx.

Q7. Zydus Wellness has launched a variant of its Sugar Free sweeteners , named Sugar Free Green. This sweetener contains Meethi Tulsi. Globally, what is Meethi Tulsi known as?

Ans. Stevia

Q8. GSK has launched a new product under the brand name Polident ..What is it ?

Ans. Denture Fixative Cream

Q9. Can you guess the product category of this Govt of Kerala ? Some stickers have been stuck just to hide the clues


Ans. Soaps


Q10. Name this brand/company that has had a roaring business in 2020. It started life in 1913 in Oakland, California as Electro-Alkaline Company. At different times it had been associated with P&G but due to anti-trust laws is now an independent company.

Ans. Clorox Company, makers of Clorox

Q11. Elon Musk is planning to bring all his four companies – Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, Boring under one holding company. What will it be called?

Ans. X

Q 12. Name this popular game that in 2009 had 32 Million daily active users. It made Facebook a place where you went to take care of your plants and shared your successes with friends. This game from Zynga gave many ideas that has become common now. But, it has shut down

Ans. Farmville

Q 13. Ali Haberstroh a social media manager used the pandemic to create a web-site and a directory of local businesses in Vancouver Canada which has expanded to other cities. It has now 4000 local businesses listed that can compete with the big retailers . What is it called?

Ams. Not-Amazon

Q14. In the year 2020, prices of Bitcoin surged. How much returns have investment in Bitcoins given in calendar year 2020?

Ans. Over 300 %.

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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