Weekly Business Quiz # 544


Q1. Who owns the controlling stake in Fynd the omnichannel fashion retailer ? The site is offering buyers the option to try out ‘look’ of dresses using Augmented Reality , share with friends online and then buy based on their opinions

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Ans. Reliance

Q2. Connect the ongoing farmers’protest near Delhi to the monument in Alwar shown below

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Ans. The farmers want the new law relating to APMC to be repealed. APMC was brought in by Victor Hope. The monument is the Hope Circus in Alwar named after Victor’s daughter.

Q3. Which MNC operating in India has introduced grievance handling and counselling for employees facing any abuse physical or emotional in their homes also as home becomes an extended workplace post COVID?

Ans. Hindustan Unilever Limited

Q4. Which Indian tractor company has come up with India’s first electric tractor?

Ans. Sonalika Tractors

Q5. Which Indian company is developing freezers that can freeze upto -70 degrees C ? This temperature is essential for preserving mRNA vaccines like those from Pfizer

Ans. Godrej

Q6. Which models of Honda cars in India would be discontinued mfg in India with the closure of their Greater NOIDA plant?

Ans. Honda Civic and CR-V

Q7. Which chain has introduced this?

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Ans. Domino’s has introduced a 100% veg topping on pizza that tastes like chicken

Q8. Nephroplus a Hyderabad based dialysis firm has won a 100 Mn $ contract to set up dialysis centres in a foreign country. In which country have they bagged this 10 year contract?

Ans. Uzbekistan

Q9. Pine Labs recently received funding that makes its valuation higher than 2 Billion $. In what business is Pine Labs ?

Ans. Fintech .. POS terminal devices and network


Q 10.Which US stock was added recently to the S&P 500 ? This was the highest valued stock that was introduced in the index ?

Ans. Tesla Motors

Q 11. Why have the Universal Society of Hinduism objected to the selling of Louis Vuitton yoga mat?

Ans. Cow hide content in the mat material

Q 12. Which well-known Internet domain registration company apologised for sending a fake Christmas bonus mail to its employees which was actually a computer security test ?

Ans. Go-Daddy

Q 13. What message was Channel 4 trying to communicate by showing a deepfake of Queen Elizabeth delivering a fake Christmas message?

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Ans. That the deep fake technology has become so advanced that you cannot trust your eyes. So editorial validation is necessary

Q 14. After Facebook got caught in the regulatory logjam with its digital currency Libra , it has reworked a new digital currency which hopefully will get regulatory approvals. What is the name of this currency?

Ans. Diem ( from Carpe Diem)

Q 15. During 2020, the oil stocks went down and renewable energy company stocks went up. This made the largest utility company in US Nextera energy’s valuation going higher than Exxon Mobil. Nextera Energy is a 95 year old company . What was its earlier name?

Ans. Florida Light and Power

Q 16. What is making champagne makers in France celebrate after the Post-Brexit deal ?

Ans. There will be no new duties or taxes on champagne after Brexit

Q 17. Which company has launched a dual screen phone where the second screen can be swivelled and make a T-shape like this?

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Ans. LG Wing

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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