Weekly Business Quiz # 540


Q1. PM Modi did a whirlwind tour of Ahmedabad, Pune and Hyderabad to take stock of the COVID vaccine mfrs progress. Which companies did he visit in each of these cities?

Ans. Zydus Cadila in Ahmedabad, Serum Institute in Pune and Bharat Biotech in Hyderabad

Q2. Which FMCG major has been found guilty of profiteering by the National Anti-Profiteering Authority and fined Rs 241.5 crore for not passing on the reduction in GST from 28% to 18%?

Ans. Procter and Gamble for their Gillette razors

Q3. Currently, as per the Bio-fuel policy, the blending of ethanol is 4.8 % in petrol. What will be the revised blending % for 2021 ?

Ans. 8.5%

Q4. Mahindra is offloading its stake in First Choice, their used cars retailing venture. Who is the buyer ?

Ans. TVS

Q5. Adani Gas has decided to include the name of its equity partner in its name. What is the new name of Adani Gas?

Ans. Adani Total Gas

Q6. With which company would you associate Peter Kerkar who has been taken into custody by Enforcement Directorate over some financial irregularities?

Ans. Cox and Kings India

Q7. Identify this doyen of Indian IT industry..He passed away yesterday at the age of 96

FC Kohli

Ans. Faqir Chand Kohli or FC Kohli

Q8. As per the Govt of India’s Atmanirbhar Bharat Rozgar Yojana what will be reimbursed by the govt to firms who hire new employees after October 2020 ? This is part of the stimulus package

Ans. Reimbursement of Employers contribution of PF

Q9. Many companies who had laid off employees in March April 2020 are now rehiring the same employees after the economy is picking up. What is the industry jargon for such employees ?

Ans. Boomerang employees

Q10. Labour Ministry has decided to appoint a new technical committee to recommend the National Floor for Minimum Wages because they found the previous recommendation unacceptable. What was the wage proposed by the earlier committee? (in Rs per day)

Ans. Rs 375 per day from the existing Rs 178 per day

Q11.Which drama series made in India for Netflix has won an Emmy in the ‘Best Drama Series’ category ?

Ans. Delhi Crime

Q12 Rajkiran Rai has been elected as the Chairman of Indian Banks Association. He is the CEO of which bank?

Ans. Union Bank of India

Q13. Name this mobile gaming company that was set up by Nitish Mittersain in 2000 on the behest of his mentor Shammi Kapoor. It is being touted as India’s Tencent and has investments from Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. It will be launching an IPO soon

Ans. Nazara

Q14. Which stock broker firm’s license has revoked by NSE and named a defaulter ?

Ans. Karvy Stock Broking

Q 15. Advertising Standards Council of India has issued guidelines on the minimum age for persons featuring in advertisements for online gaming apps ?

Ans. 18 years


Q16. US has threatened to impose a special duty on French imports into US like bags and cosmetics if France impose a tax that affects American companies. What tax are we talking about?

Ans. Digital Tax on tech companies

Q17. As manufacturers particularly consumer electronics practise planned obsolescence and giving information about equipment to select partners only, what laws are being passed in Europe and select US states that will protect the consumer interests?

Ans. Right to repair

Q 18. An X fund is an investment fund that invests in both publicly-traded and privately-held companies. X funds are designed to give investors the ability to invest in private companies without having to be a “qualified” investor or an investor in a venture capital fund. What is X ?

Ans. Crossover Funds

Q 19. TransWorld Airlines (TWA) was a large international airlines. After operating for 74 years, it became a part of which airlines in 2001?

Ans. American Airlines

Q 20. In 1972, Pong , an electronic table tennis game was launched. It was the first commercially succesful video game. Which was the company behind it?

Ans. Atari

Q21. Who has been named as the Artist of the Year in the American Music Awards this year ?

Ans. Taylor Swift

Q 22. Which apparel retailer has a range of clothing branded Heattech that uses a spl technology to conserve heat and thereby protect against severe winters with lightweight clothing ?

Ans. Uniqlo

Q 23. Amundi, a global fund manager has threatened to sell all their Green Bonds of a particular bank if the bank finances the coal mine in Australia of Adani Group?

Ans. SBI

Q24. After the pandemic was announced in March this year, specialised air freighter services are doing brisk business. Many airlines have made cash profits because of their air cargo business. Yet, overall air cargo movement has been less than 2019 ..What explains this paradox?

Ans. Almost 50% of freight was carried by passenger aircrafts. These were stopped after the pandemic. Some of their loads at higher rates were taken by freighters, but not entirely.

Q 25. Name this top glove manufacturer from Malaysia that is the world’s largest glove manufacturer and commands a global market share of 20%. It made record profits due to COVID but now it has to shut factories when 2000 of their workers tested positive.

Ans. Top Glove

Q 26. Which airline after suffering from losses has put its first class items like plates, towels from its retired 747 fleet as airline memorabilia and selling it as a gift item?

Ans. British Airways

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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