Weekly Business Quiz # 541


Q1. Dharam Pal Gulati..called by many as King of spices..The man behind MDH..Expand MDH.

Ans. Mahashiyan di Hatti

Q2. RBI has allowed an increase in the standing instruction based monthly payments through UPI from January 1 from 2000 Rs..What is the new limit?

Ans. Rs 5000

Q3. RBI has imposed restrictions on HDFC Bank on growth of their credit cards business as well as their new digital launches. What has triggered this?

Ans. Outages in their data centre several times that affected transactions

Q4. The just concluded IPO of Burger King India saw a good response from investors. How many times was it oversubscribed overall?

Ans. Over 150 times

Q5. At what valuation is Salesforce acquiring Slack?

Ans. 27.7Bn $

Q6. Which Indian manager has been selected by Bata worldwide as their Global CEO?

Ans. Sandeep Kataria

Q7. As per a Bloomberg list of the richest Asian families, Ambanis as expected are No 1 in the list. Which is the only other Indian business family in the Top 10 of the list.

Ans. The Mistry family of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group

Q8. Identify this businessman, known for launching succesful consumer products based on deep insights of Indian middle class.

Darshan Patel

Ans. Darshan Patel

Q9. Name this Alternative Investment Fund floated by govt in 2019 that is managed by SBICAP to address the problem of completing residential housing projects in the country. Acronym is good enough.

Ans. SWAMI-H (Special Window for Completion of Construction of Affordable and Mid-Income Housing Projects.)

Q 10. Radial tyres for trucks and buses imported from which country has India imposed anti-dumping duty?

Ans. Thailand

Q 11. Which music app uses the tag like ‘Sunte Ja’ to promote itself?

Ans. Spotify


Q12. Frank Carney passed away recently. RIP. Which fast food chain did he found with his brother Dan in Wichita borrowing 600 $ from their mother ? This chain was later sold to PepsiCo for 300 Mn $ in 1977.

Ans. Pizza Hut

Q13. FAA approved the flying of Boeing 737 Max recently after nearly 20 months of their grounding. Which airline is going to be the first airline to have a scheduled Max flight starting December 29?

Ans. American Airlines

Q14.Identify this business leader, who passed away recently in mysterious circumstances

Ans. Tony Hsieh of Zappos who died of drug overdose

Q15. Narinder Singh Kapany ..This scientist/inventor/businessman passed away at 94 RIP…In what area was he known as the Father of ?

Ans. Father of Fibre Optics

Q16. What is MeWe and among which segment is it growing rapidly?

Ans. It is a social media platform that is called “Anti-Facebook” because it does not do targetting and has no advertising. It has a subscription based model.

Q17. Universal Studios Japan will have a theme park in their Osaka property, which will have a theme park around a Nintendo game character. This is their first foray into theme parks. Name the character

Ans. Super Mario

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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